Bare Cremation chats choice and Covid with John Deeks BANNER

Bare Cremation chats choice and Covid with John Deeks

  • Mel Buttigieg
  • Writer, Bare
  • August 11, 2020
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Making his radio debut for Bare , co-founder and ‘Funeral Futurist’ Cale Donovan chats to the voice of TV and radio John Deeks on his Your Life Choices podcast called Mind Your Own Retirement.

Cale and Deeksy talk about how COVID-19 has taught us the value in separating the cremation from the memorial when someone passes. Cale also explains why no-one should equate the cost of a funeral with how much a person is loved.

In light of the social distancing restrictions, people are learning they can actually separate the cremation from the memorial when a loved one passes, Cale says.

He tells Deeksy how people have now realised they can have a direct cremation now while taking the time to think about what’s fitting and unique for that person, to plan a personalised celebration of their life at a later date.

Listen to the interview here – Cale’s chat begins at the 11:34 mark.

Also on the show is some great advice from Choice on managing credit card debt and some fashion tips for over 50s.

For more about how the coronavirus has changed the way we grieve the loss of a loved one, you can also read our article on the impact of COVID-19 and the funeral industry here.

For help personalising your loved one’s funeral or memorial, visit the Bare Cremation website or call 1800 431 584. Want to see what our direct cremation service will cost in your area? Get a free quote here:

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