Hi, I'm Brett Wade

Funeral Arranger

My background is in customer experience, and I’ve always had a knack for building rapport and getting along with all different kinds of people. I like to think of myself as kind-hearted, approachable, and always ready with a joke - hopefully those who know me would agree! In my spare time, you’ll find me entertaining my two young kids, playing guitar, and watching plenty of sports.

What motivates me to be a Bare funeral arranger?

In the midst of looking for a change in career, I came across an advertisement for Bare. Despite having no prior funeral industry experience, I thought that the job really played to my strengths not only as a professional, but as a person as well. I thought it would be a role that I could make a real impact in, and decided to apply. Thankfully Sam and Cale must have agreed, as here I am doing the role and absolutely loving it. The opportunity to make a positive impact during some of the toughest times in peoples lives is a special privilege; and one that provides all the motivation I’ll ever need to do the best for every Bare family I assist.

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