Once you’ve eaten the chocolate, our Bare buckets can be reused.

Bring bucketloads of style to your sustainable living

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  • July 19, 2021
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When you’re trying to live more sustainably, cutting back on buying things you don’t need is an easy place to start. But that doesn’t mean going without.

With a little imagination, most everyday items can be reused, repurposed, or upcycled – with fabulous results.

Take for instance our Bare Cremation gift bucket you might have received as a welcome gift if you have arranged a prepaid funeral service with us.

Once you’ve eaten the chocolate, it’s just a pretty bucket, right? Maybe you’ll just put it in the back of the cupboard for another day?

Not if we can help it!

The team at Edible Blooms have created the below video and tips to offer some inspiration for what to do with your Bare prepaid funeral gift bucket.

How to upcycle your Bare welcome gift bucket

Here are some more ideas on ways to put your Bare gift bucket to good use. You could:

  • Make a mini herb garden for your kitchen or window sill
  • Use it to store your pens or art supplies
  • Add a macrame plant holder and bring the outdoors inside
  • Display your kitchen utensils
  • Keep it at the front door to hold your keys, sunnies and wallet
  • Use it as an ice bucket – great for indoors or out
  • Store your phone chargers and cables
  • Grow a cactus garden – minimal watering, so no drain holes needed
  • Use it as a cutlery holder for outdoor entertaining and BBQs
  • Add flowers or twigs for a pretty table centrepiece
  • Spray glue on fabric to make storage that matches your decor
  • Use wire to attach it to a bike or scooter as a carry basket
  • Hang on your fence to share your excess produce with the neighbourhood
  • Keep your bathroom tidy – use it as a caddy
  • Use it as a scoop for dog biscuits
  • Use it as a peg bucket
  • Collect kitchen food scraps for your composting
  • Punch nail hole patterns on it to make a pretty lamp shade or candle holder
  • Pop your phone in for an easy outdoor speaker
  • Use it for year-round Easter egg hunts using small toys or lollies.


We reckon that little metal bucket is a gold mine of opportunity. So, reuse it and help save the planet!

Once you’ve eaten the chocolate, our Bare buckets can be reused as an ice bucket.
Once you’ve eaten the chocolate, our Bare buckets can be reused as an ice bucket.

Bare’s commitment to sustainability

Just like reducing waste and cutting back on things you don’t need, a Bare prepaid funeral means you’re only paying for things you want. Not the expensive stuff you don’t need – like hearses, expensive coffins and premium catering packages.

At Bare, we only use bio-board coffins, similar to ‘cardboard coffins’. These coffins have a lower carbon footprint to both make and cremate, compared with the glossy mahogany caskets commonly used in traditional funerals.

In addition, we are doing our bit to support environmental sustainability by being a 100% carbon-neutral funeral provider. You can read more about the environmental impacts of funerals and how we are working to change that, in our article The environmental impacts of funerals, here.


To learn more about our prepaid funeral plans or to get a quote, give us a call on 1800 202 901, or click the below button to visit the Bare Cremation website

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