dying to talk

As a society, Australians are not always good at talking about death.  Unfortunately, this behaviour limits us.  We believe that having a healthy perspective on our own mortality, and considering our end-of-life in advance, is important and allows for greater depth in our relationships with others.  Please join us for Dying To Talk, as we explain why healthy conversations matter, and how to have them.

January 28, 2:00Pm EDST

As a general rule, we don’t like talking about death.  It is an uncomfortable topic – too often left until it’s too late.  

Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing.  Too many families are left to fill in the gaps after someone dies, and this creates stress at a time when grieving and togetherness should take priority.  

In this webinar, we’ll explore the research behind why it’s important to be prepared for our own end-of-life.  Dr Annetta Mallon is one of Australia’s pre-eminent experts on end-of-life planning.  Dr Mallon will share her research on why talking about this is hard, as well as some practical tips on how to manage the conversation. 

We’ll also share the experience and perspectives of Ian Chappell,  one of Australia’s most outspoken personalities on the topic.  Finally we’ll gift you a handbook, written by one of Bare’s own end-of-life experts, to support you through end-of-life planning.  

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meet our speakers

Dr Annetta Mallon

One of Australia’s leading end of life consultants and end of life educators.  Annetta’s education and training covers grief support and counselling, advance planning and End of Life Doula (Death Doula) services. 

An expert in grief and loss, education, sociology and advocacy, Annetta is a former somatic pyschotherapist who has worked for more than two decades specialising in grief and loss, injury and trauma recovery and personal development. 

Claire Hoffman

Claire was the second funeral director ever hired at bare, drawn to the funeral industry – and the desire to serve others – after her own heart-breaking loss.  She’s a grief expert, and advocate for healthy grieving through real human connection. 

As part of her own grieving process, Claire authored a book – Don’t Die Without Me – which serves as a practical way for Australians to prepare for their own end of life in a way that is simple and pragmatic – but incredibly helpful for individuals and their families. 

Ian Chappell

Ian is a former Australian Cricketer.  He captained Australia between 1971 and 1975, before taking a central role in the breakaway World Series Cricket organisation.  He later became a well known sporting commentator and public figure. 

Ian has been outspoken on the need for Australians to have a healthy sense of their own mortality, and the importance of fostering healthy conversations about end-of-life well before that time comes.  

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