Here's our story

Hi there, we’re Sam and Cale, the founders of Bare.

When we started Bare, the funeral industry hated us. Who would have thought affordability and innovation would be so controversial.

But after hard losses of our own and experiencing the cost and complexity of funerals first hand, we knew something needed to change. So we set out on a mission to change the way Australians say goodbye, and make one of the hardest times of life that little bit easier.

We started by questioning everything we’d been told about funerals and realised that when you asked families what their loved one would have actually wanted, and strip everything back to what really matters, you end up with a farewell that’s simpler, more personal and way more affordable. 

And what matters looks different for every family. For some that’s a simple, fixed-fee cremation, for others a traditional funeral service or a more casual memorial. 

In all cases, our role is the same; to provide incredible customer support and personalised services, at an affordable price, and without any hidden fees or selling you something you don’t want or need. 

At Bare, we’re honoured that every single week, hundreds of families let us into their lives, sharing stories of their loved one, and entrusting us with their goodbye. With so many customers sharing disappointing funeral experiences prior to Bare, we don’t take the trust for granted.

We listen to every family’s story, and then support them in a way that’s right for them; from the goodbye to following up in the weeks and months after the death. Every family says farewell differently, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  

So that’s it, that’s Bare. We’re here and ready when you need us.

Sam & Cale, Founders.

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