Hi, I'm Claire.

Having endured my own gut wrenching loss my goal is to help navigate change in how our society approaches death and grief.

I am a widowed mum who knows all too well how easily life can flip you into unfamiliar and sometimes terrifying territory. I am an advocate for speaking truthfully about our loss, our grief. No longer can we pretend that everything should return to what it was like before someone we love is taken by death. I encourage you to turn towards grief and not away from it and I am committed to helping people when they are suddenly thrust into these transitioning hallways of life.

I am a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care® Provider with the Miss Foundation.

Claire Hoffman.

It's important we have healthy conversations about grief.

While grief is intensely personal, there are many common elements in managing grief.  Once of those elements in healthy conversations.  In this video series I share some advice on how to have those conversations.

I'm here to help.

If you're struggling, want some help, or just need someone to talk to - I'd love to help.  Please book in a time, and I'll be there to talk with you, and be a support however I can.

More resources that can help.

Writing at a time of grief can be very helpful and healing. It gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts and emotions and in your own time and space process what you are experiencing. We have produced two free downloadable writing resources for you.

Write Your Grief: guides you through 30 prompts about the grief you are experiencing and the journey you are on. It helps clarify grief and loss and give you a space to voice the emotions you are experiencing.

Write Their Life: is 52 writing prompts about the life of your loved one. Remembering their life, their ways and personality is a therapeutic process to help you as you process their loss.

Discover more grief resources
at our Resource Centre.