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Write, save and share your end of life wishes.

  • Add what type of funeral director you’d like.
  • Add special requests for music, readings or other events.
  • List who you’d like to attend your funeral (or not!).
  • Let your family know what you’d like done with your ashes.
  • List your cremation versus burial preferences.

How Final Wishes work.

Share your
funeral wishes.

Our tool will guide you through 6 questions about your funeral and end-of-life preferences.

Share your
estate wishes.

Our tool will guide you how to leave instructions for the carrying out of your estate.

Save and

Review your wishes, save and download as a PDF.  Return and edit any time you wish.

Share with friends
and family.

Share your wishes with friends or family, or add to our digital vault for safekeeping.

Frequently asked questions.

What should I include in my Final Wishes?

You can include anything that you feel is important for your family to know and understand. It is a useful tool that can provide context about the decisions left in your Will or directions about your funeral.

When should I write my Final Wishes?

Why not now? It only takes 15 minutes, it's completely free, and it's an important thing to have done - just in case.

Why should I write my Final Wishes?

Having an end-of-life plan is one important way to take an emotional burden off your family when the time comes. We often see the difficulty associated with managing grief at the same time as managing a loved one's funeral and estate plans. Having your preferences written down is one way to make this process easier for those left behind.

Are these legally binding?

No. Unlike a will, your Final Wishes is not a legally binding document. However, it's an important additional document that sits alongside a will to help your family navigate your funeral wishes, as well as get the relevant instructions from you on how you'd like your estate managed.

Can I change them later?

Yes. You can edit your Final Wishes at any time - it's a free tool that you can access via our End of Life Dashboard whenever you like.

How do I share my Final Wishes?

Once you have completed your Final Wishes we’ll save them in a document you can print or send to your next of kin or executor. That will make the process seamless at the time of your passing.

Can I include my log in and passwords in my Final Wishes?

For security reasons we recommend not adding usernames and passwords to your Final Wishes. Our Digital Vault is coming soon, which has military-grade security to protect your banking and any other important account details you want to share, either now or at the time of your passing. In the meantime you can use final wishes to keep a list of what accounts you currently hold and will need closing when the time comes.

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