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Hello there, we’re Cale & Sam – the founders of Bare Cremation

As you probably already know by now, we’re not your traditional funeral director, so we wanted to take a moment and share a little about why we decided to start Bare, and why it is that we’re passionate about what we do.

Ultimately, Bare was borne out of personal experience.  

In recent times, we’ve both attended traditional funerals.  We noticed these funerals followed a similar pattern.  Generally, they involved large gatherings in traditional funeral parlours, distant family members in dark suits, and sombre reflections about the person who’d died.

While this style of farewell is perfect for some, it just didn’t feel quite right for others.  Expensive, formal gatherings weren’t the way they’d lived their life, and it wouldn’t have been the way they wanted to say their final goodbyes.  And, the more we spoke to family and friends about it, the more we realised that a lot of Australians didn’t want a traditional funeral – but they didn’t seem to have a choice.

So, we built Bare for them.

At Bare, we believe that a funeral should be as unique as the person we’re celebrating. And we certainly don’t believe that the amount of money spent is a reflection of the amount that person was loved. 

At Bare, we focus on providing an extremely high quality cremation service, at the lowest possible price. By taking care of the cremation, we empower families and friends to focus on holding a memorial that is as unique as the life it celebrates – whether that’s a backyard barbeque, a tree planting ceremony or a viking sendoff.

So that’s it, that’s Bare, we’re here when you need us.  

Sam & Cale (Founders)

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