Why choose Bare for your will preparation?

Bare is Australia’s most affordable, and least traditional, funeral and Will preparation services. Our vision is to make the end-of-life journey as simple and painless as possible. Having a valid, well-informed, easy-to update Will is an essential step in achieving that vision. Our ten-minute digital Will is simple to set up, legally binding, and absolutely free.

Why are we offering a Will for free? Bare has partnered with select charities in the hopes that our customers will consider a small donation to a worthwhile cause, as part of their legacy.

Just four simple steps to peace of mind.

Prepare your Will.

Follow the simple instructions and fill out the form to planning your end-of-life contributions. It will literally take you 10 minutes!

Choose a donation.

End-of-life charity donations are a wonderful way to contribute a lasting legacy to a worthwhile cause. Even a small amount makes a difference.

Submit for review.

Once you are happy with your Will, submit it to our professional legal advisors for review.

Print and sign.

Print your legally binding Will, sign, and store in a safe place. You can always return to update it later.

“At a time when you need the greatest support, these guys are the best.”

Phillip, Bare customer

What are you waiting for?

It’s never too early to begin planning to ensure that your legacy is protected. Write your Will today.