When Amanda Edmiston’s father passed away, she felt lost. The mother of five was unsure where to turn or what needed to be done next. But that all changed when she spoke to Daphney at Bare, who took care of everything and put her at ease.

“I came across Bare and dialled the number and found Daphney, who saved our life basically. She was our angel,’ ” the self-professed Bombers tragic said.

“When I came across Bare and the whole idea of it, I said to my sister, ‘you know this just sounds like Dad and this would be what he would want’.

“Daphney was just so lovely. Really listened, was empathetic, in control – in a good way – that’s what I needed at the time. She gave me clear direction - what she said she actually did and she followed through.”

Bare provided a simplified and cost-effective funeral service that allowed Amanda’s family to honour her dad’s memory in a way that was most fitting, and when they were ready.

“We’ve had him cremated but we can have our celebration that suits Dad anytime we want, in our own way. And we’re not locked into having all the bells and whistles of [traditional] funeral directors,” she added.

Amanda said her experience with Bare was simple yet empathetic. This was a stark comparison to the drawn-out process of dealing with traditional funeral directors when her father-in-law passed away six months earlier.

“It was an extremely expensive process for a man that probably wouldn’t have wanted all the fuss and bother,” she said.

“Now that we’ve had two funerals in recent years, it brings us to thinking about what do we want and what do we want our children to go through when we pass away. And we don’t want them to have the stresses that we’ve been through.”

Amanda and her husband Nigel have since arranged a Bare prepaid funeral for themselves so that their end-of-life wishes will be honoured, without the fuss and expense when the time comes.

She shares her story in the video below.

To learn more about Bare or to get a quote for a funeral, please visit bare.com.au or give our award-winning customer care team a call on 1800 202 901.