Our team travelled to Geelong to meet Les and listen to his experience about organising a prepaid funeral with Bare. And oh, did he have an incredibly moving story to tell.

Les suffered from severe skin cancer, which was discovered in August in 2021. The odds weren’t looking good, and at one stage the doctors gave him 4 days left to live. 

“So, time to make arrangements.” After searching online and reaching out to local funeral homes in Geelong, he found Bare. “I had 3 or 4 people I spoke to on the phone and Bare was the only one that actually replied properly.”

Little did we know that by the time we visited Les, just less than a week earlier he’d found out that after three operations and 30 doses of radiation, the cancer was gone. “What do you reckon? Bloody good.” was his response when we asked him how he was feeling about the news.

Les got his affairs in order and organised his prepaid funeral with Bare during his cancer treatment. 

“I’ve been thinking about it for years, but as you do, you don’t do nothing until you’re forced to, really.” 

He decided to organise a prepaid funeral for his family, and reflected on his experience with his parents. 

“Well, it just relieves the pressure on the family at the time. I know my mum and dad, when they passed away 10 years ago, they hadn’t done it. So, we had to rush around, prepare the funeral, and then burial, get a grave, all that sort of stuff, which was pretty traumatic at the time.”

The power of sharing stories like Les’s is just incredible. We shared the video of Les over on TikTok and the comments have just poured in, with it reaching 400,000 views and rising. 

“Les, it must have been so tough, it’s not just about healing the body, it's about healing the mind. I wish you every blessing.” - birdwillbite.

“Oh mate… Good luck. Thinking of you and sending you lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️” - vickilee65.

“We only have two lives. One before cancer, and one after cancer.” - peter_the_moon.

“Les you are a legend. My wife has only just beat cancer too. Well done mate from Ireland.” - davidmccormack287.

You can watch Les’s full video below. 

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