How it works

Get your pack

Register as a Friend of Bare and get a referral pack emailed or sent to your place that helps you refer friends to Bare.

Have the chat

If you’re happy to recommend Bare, call a loved one, host a cuppa, email a note. Whatever works for you.

Share the info

The referral pack contains brochures and referral cards that will give your friend or partner all the info they need.

Be rewarded

For every person you refer who signs up, they get $100 off and you get a $100 gift card.

Frequently asked questions.

How long until I can expect my gift card?

You will receive it an estimated 2 weeks from the date the referee advises Bare of their referral, but expect up to 30 days depending on the lead time for our postage handlers.

How will Bare know that I was the referrer?

It is up to the referrer to advise the Bare team either via phone on 1800 202 90 or via email. 

What is the maximum number of referrals/gifts I am eligible for?

At the moment there is no limit to the number of uses you can refer.

How long will this program be valid for? (ie if i tell someone about Bare and they don't purchase it until 6 months later - am i still eligible as a referrer?)

Referees are eligible to receive their gift card after their 30 day cooling off period of their own prepaid purchase. A referral is still valid up to 6 months from referring, so long as they’ve advised the Bare team online or on the phone in that time of the referral. 

What sort of gift card am I allowed to request?

You can request anything that can be purchased either as a physical gift card or an electronic one. These will take the form of prepaid Visa or EFTPOS cards and store cards. You also have the option of donating the money directly to a charity of your choice.

Let's stay connected.

Why not share that you’re a Friend of Bare on your social networks. It lets your friends know you’ve got your future plans sorted and invites them to find out more for themselves. When they mention your name upon sign up, you both get bonus.
Need help? Call us on 1800 202 901