We have become a society that finds it hard to talk about death and loss, preferring to uphold the notion that happiness is the only way to be.  However, in chasing happiness, we have neglected how our dark days are the seeds in which our happiness ends up thriving on.   We want to encourage a society that is willing to sit with our pain, our grief and honour the process of what it means to truly live and truly love.

Hi, I'm claire.

Having endured my own gut wrenching loss my goal is to help navigate change in how our society approaches death and grief. 

I am a widowed mum who knows all too well how easily life can flip you into unfamiliar and sometimes terrifying territory.  I am an advocate for speaking truthfully about our loss, our grief.  No longer can we pretend that everything should return to what it was like before someone we love is taken by death.

I encourage you to turn towards grief and not away from it and I am committed to helping people when they are suddenly thrust into these transitioning hallways of life.

I am a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care® Provider with the Miss Foundation.


The grief journey is different for everyone. While I’m still on my own journey, there are two things that are clear to me.  The first is that everyone grieves differently.  The second is that, although everyone will grieve differently, one thing that is common is our need for human connection and good, healthy conversations about grief.  

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introduction to grief

In the first of a seven-part series, I explore grief in an introspective and personal way.  What is grief?  What is not grief? And how, exactly, are we supposed to grieve?

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Conversations with yourself

When we grieve, we can be overcome by thoughts of the past and fear of the future.  A key part of managing that is having a healthy conversation with yourself. 

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conversations with others

Talking about your grief is hard, particularly when we feel isolated in it. The key – don’t be isolated in it.  Talk to others about it, even when you don’t think you can.   

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We often underestimate the emotional capacity of children. We assume children don’t feel things as deeply.  They do.  And it’s important we talk to them. 

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Grief can be an extraordinarily difficult issue to navigate as a couple.  It can make you, but it can break you.  The starting point is talking about it. 

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Death and grief tend to make us feel really uncomfortable. Although it’s never easy, being a good friend means you have to overcome that discomfort.   

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the role of elderly carers

Our aged care and palliative care workforce faces grief head-on every day.  Managing these conversations as part of your every-day routine requires compassion. 

Some more Resources that can help


This journal includes 52 prompts, over 52 weeks, to write the life story of your person.    


This journal includes 30 prompts, over 30 days, written to help you express your grief in an open and constructive manner.