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In each deck you'll find 100+ questions categorised into four topics, focused on everything from your personal end-of-life wishes to more nostalgic memories. Ideally played in groups of 2 or more. Explore the categories below.


Specific questions aimed to help your friends and family understand your personal end-of-life preferences.


Share memories and stories from your life, building connections with your friends and family. There's always stories still to tell!


Discover the personal and intimate wishes of your loved ones around death, preferences and how they define a peaceful passing.


Navigate the lighter side of death with questions that'll entertain with questions such as, 'It's the Darwin Awards, describe the funniest way to die?'

Learn more about Bare.

Read our story

Read Sam and Cale’s story and learn how Bare came to be.


Learn about our prepaid cremation, and how it can help save your family money and stress when the time comes.

Meet our team

Meet our team of local funeral arrangers who go above and beyond to make a hard time a little bit easier.


Use our resource library to help you navigate everything from probate to grief.

Discover everything you need to know at our Resource Centre.

If you’ve got a question, we have the answer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with unfamiliar feelings, we’re here to help you through it. Our Resource Centre shows plenty of ways forward.
Like each of us, this offer won’t be around forever and complimentary copies are strictly limited and may run out at any time. Offer is limited to one per person and available within Australia only.