Hi, I'm Giacobba Fabris

Funeral Arranger

I've never been quite certain of my place in the world and have always spent a lot of my time looking within and exploring my deeper self, hoping to find an answer. Part of this journey has been coming to a place of acceptance in regards to my own mortality and the loss of loved ones we all must inevitably face. I think this, coupled with a deep love of talking to people about the mysteries and realities of life has led me here to Bare, and I feel very lucky to be making a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

What motivates me to be a Bare funeral arranger?

When we are grief stricken it can be almost impossible to find the energy and the will to carry out what needs to be done when somebody passes. If I can alleviate a small part of that burden then I've done something good for someone, and this is what motivates me to be an arranger: Making something extremely difficult a little bit easier.

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