After Dianne’s mum passed away to breast cancer two years earlier, Dianne’s father became hers to look after. “He didn’t want to bother anyone, just wanted to live his life and be around his kids and grandkids, that’s all he cared about.”

“He always said from day dot he wanted to be cremated. He wanted to be remembered as a respectful person. He said ‘I’m going to leave it all up to you, do what you want, as long as people just remember.’”

Towards the end of his life, Dianne told her father she would be able to give him the send off he wanted. She didn’t know how that was going to happen, but she would make it perfect for him.

“He didn’t want to discuss a lot [about the funeral], as long as family and friends were there to celebrate his life.”

It was a friend of Dianne’s dad that told her about Bare Cremation. “We emailed Bare to inquire. There was no hounding, no phone calls [saying to] come with us and do this, do that, it was all just leaving us alone to make the decision.

When her father passed away, Dianne’s brother made the call to Bare and within a few hours he was collected. “It was all very private and personal”.

When it was time to create the memorial service, Dianne wanted to craft it herself. And the help she got from Bare gave her exactly the options she needed. “There was never: you do this, this and this, it was always our choice. It really went down to the nitty gritty and it was really beautiful sitting there and choosing it all yourself.”

“The service was amazing, absolutely beautiful”. In the end Dianne and her family organised a small memorial service in a chapel and was very personal to who her father was. “The sun was shining, it made you feel good.”

“People were saying they don’t usually like funerals but they came to support us as a family and were so surprised at how great it was, and just wanted to clap at the end and thought “wow that was amazing”. Everyone wanted to know which funeral provider Dianne had chosen.

Dianne had never heard of Bare before, but now it seems like everyone she knows is talking about Bare. “Bare was so easy, it made me feel great as a daughter doing the right thing by Dad. Everybody involved in it was just amazing.”

You can watch Dianne's full story below.

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