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Award winning service.

Customer Service Organisation of the Year 2021.

A secure place to store your digital life.

  • Securely store login details for all your online services.
  • Save information about pets, your home, your car and more.
  • You choose who to share access with and when.
  • Upload important files like your will and title deeds.

How the Digital Vault works.

Use our Digital Vault to confidentially store and share your documents, passwords and other digital assets with your loved ones or executor when the time comes.

Create your Vault.

Create a Vault account with a dedicated password and add your phone number for account verification purposes.

Add your data.

Use the suggested list to get started or add documents, photos and account details whenever you like.

Add your people.

Nominate your trusted people like next of kin or executors who you’d like have access to your vault either now or on your passing.

Data is shared.

Once your death is verified your information is shared with your nominated people.

The Digital Vault is part of our end-of-life planning platform.

Planning for the end of life seems impossibly hard. At Bare, we’ll make it a little easier. Everything you need, in one place.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I upload my Will here?

Yes! We also recommend storing your Final Wishes and any prepaid cremation contracts here as well and nominate who should get access to those documents, either now or when you pass. 

Does the Digital Vault supersede a Will in Authority?

No. The contents of the vault are designed to support a legal will and to help manage your estate.

Can I store the username and passwords for my accounts in the Digital Vault?

Yes absolutely! Writing your passwords down on a piece of paper can be daunting - who knows who will find or use them. The vault can safely and securely store this information and share it with your next of kin so they can can close your accounts when the time comes. 

Is my data safe?

Absolutely - we’ve partned with The Prepared Company, who use military-grade security to safely store and encrypt all data stored in the Digital Vault.

What can I store in the Digital Vault?

You can add photos, legal documents, account details, title documents, pet information and much more. It’s your personal digital deposit box to store all of your valuable data for yourself or to help manage your estate when you are gone. 

How do you store my data?

Your data is completely encrypted - we can't see anything. It's encrypted 2 times before it hits the vault database, and then encrypted again.

Learn more in our Resource Centre.

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