At just 67 years young, Heathcote’s Pete Smith has taken care of “unfinished business” by prepaying his funeral with Bare. He’s already made a will, so pre-paying his funeral seemed like the smart next step to get his end-of-life planning out of the way.

The energetic and vibrant single dad has no plans of slowing down just yet. He just doesn’t want the hassle and expense to fall on his daughter, when the time comes.

“We don’t like facing it - facing reality, facing one’s mortality - but that’s the unfinished business,” he said.

“I feel a great sense of relief now, having done it. It’s behind me, it’s sitting in the desk, it’s with the will, it’s ready to go.”

Pete with a photo of his younger self.

End-of-life-planning, made simple

Pete filled out his funeral plan on the Bare website by simply filling out an online form and entering his payment details.

Shortly after, the Victorian dad received a welcome call from our customer care team member Claire, just to check in. He liked that there was no additional sales push or up-selling involved, which was rare.

“A contract arrived in plain English, which was important. And of course, I’m looking for loopholes, of which there are none,” Pete added.

“The process for me was painless, seamless. That’s it. You can’t ask for much more than that.”

With his funeral prepaid upfront for less than $2,500, Pete is keen on his money to be better spent on celebration, rather than a traditional funeral service.

“If you think of the money you save, that’s one heck of a party! Even if you just throw it over the bar,” he laughed.

Bare: Australia’s funeral disruptor

Rather than “the old way” of farewelling someone, Bare is leading the way forward, Pete reckons. He said that Bare offered a “disruptive product” and likens the business model to modern technology platforms like and

These companies are cleverly using disruptive technologies and marketing platforms to replace the “rivers of gold” that once flowed from newspaper classified advertising, he said.

“This is also disruptive. It’s more efficient, it’s far less expensive, and therefore it will be a catalyst for change in the industry. This is not an optional, this will eventually evolve into the way it [funerals] is done.”

Visit the Bare website here to learn more, or give our prepaid concierge team a call on 1800 202 901.