Commemorating the life of a loved one is deeply personal, and the location can greatly impact the tone and atmosphere of the event. 

Throughout Australia, Bare have partnered with a wide range of venues, ranging from peaceful memorial parks to historic landmarks, each offering a unique backdrop for this significant event. We’ve compiled 20 venues that highlight the diverse options available, ensuring that families and friends can discover the perfect setting to remember and honour their loved ones. 

In a country as vast and diverse as Australia, there is a suitable venue for every story and farewell. The venues compiled below are discussed with a memorial - taking place after a cremation in mind - but Bare offers venues and styles of funeral as unique as you are. View our full list of funeral venues, including those suited for a more traditional farewell, online here

In this article, we will explore these places, each with its own ambiance, to help you decide where you can host a beautiful celebration of life.

Traditional venues.

Geelong Memorial Park.

Geelong Memorial Park is a cemetery located in Geelong, Victoria and is a peaceful and beautiful place, ideal for honouring and remembering a loved one. At the centre of the park is a chapel that can accommodate 80 seated guests and an extra 40 standing guests. If more space is needed, the chapel doors can be opened to the outdoors, and there are additional viewing screens in the foyer and outside. 

The chapel is equipped with audio-visual and webcasting capabilities, allowing people from afar to participate in the service. Next to the chapel is a state-of-the-art function room that has the latest live-streaming technology, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bar. This room is an ideal space for gatherings or celebrations after the service. 

The park also offers various options for the final resting place of cremated remains, including peaceful rose and shrub gardens, niche walls, and family tree gardens.

Eco Memorial Park.

Eco Memorial Park, located in Stapylton, Queensland is a tranquil sanctuary where families can honour and remember their loved ones who have passed away. The park's peaceful atmosphere provides a serene setting for visitors to find solace and contemplate amidst nature. For ceremonies, there is a modern chapel that can comfortably accommodate up to 100 guests. 

The park offers live streaming of the services, allowing friends and family from all over the world to join and watch. Surrounding the chapel are beautifully landscaped memorial gardens adorned with soothing water features and lush greenery, providing a picturesque backdrop for visitors to reminisce and reflect. After the formal services, the park also offers on-site catering options and scattering ceremonies for those who wish to continue their tributes there.

Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens.

Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens is located in North Ryde, New South Wales and has a capacity of 160 guests. It offers a meticulously designed setting for memorial services. With four charming and historic chapels, complete with AV facilities, it provides an opportunity for families and friends to pay their respects, share cherished memories, and find solace in the exquisitely landscaped gardens. 

The premiere function centre serves as a fitting backdrop for commemorating the life of a loved one. Additionally, the option to scatter ashes within the park's tranquil environment represents a connection to the cycle of life and nature, ensuring a dignified farewell. The memory of a loved one can endure in this place of serene beauty for generations to come, making it a truly meaningful choice for memorial services.

Rotary Broadwater Chapel by the Sea.

Situated on the picturesque waterfront of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Rotary Broadwater Chapel By The Sea offers a serene and tranquil setting for memorial services. This beautiful venue can accommodate up to 42 family and friends indoors, with an additional 40 chairs available on the deck area. Equipped with amenities such as a glass signing table, lectern, sound speaker system, and a TV for displaying photos or videos, it provides a comfortable space for remembrance. 

The gentle sound of ocean waves serves as a soothing backdrop, creating an atmosphere of peace and reflection in an intimate and sacred environment. While food and drink are not permitted inside the Chapel, guests are welcome to bring bottled water. The proximity to the sea symbolises the eternal cycle of life and nature's ever-changing beauty, making it an ideal setting for honouring and commemorating the life of a cherished loved one.

The Good Shepherd Chapel.

A memorial service is often held in a chapel, such as the Good Shepherd Chapel in Abbotsford, Victoria, because these spaces provide a sacred and solemn atmosphere that allows for reflection, remembrance, and the genuine expression of grief. Chapels, with their inherent spiritual aura, have always been associated with important life events, transitions, and deeply emotional moments. 

The history of shared rituals in these spaces emphasises the reverence for the life being celebrated. The Good Shepherd Chapel is notable not only for its spiritual significance, but also for its historical importance. It is located within the historic Abbotsford Convent precinct, surrounded by heritage-listed buildings, beautiful gardens, a summer house, and serene views of the Yarra River.

Great Southern Memorial Park.

After the cremation, it is common to have a memorial service at places like the Great Southern Memorial Park in Carbrook, Queensland. This park, along with many other memorial parks and cemeteries, is known for its well-maintained lawns, tall trees, and the solemn presence of gravestones and monuments. The park provides a peaceful setting, complete with a spacious chapel that can accommodate up to 100 people, making it the perfect place for a heartfelt celebration of life. 

The venue also has large verandas with outdoor speakers, allowing for seamless hosting of larger gatherings. For those who prefer a more intimate atmosphere, the Sanctuary Chapel can seat 40 people, creating a beautiful and cosy ambiance. Additionally, the park is equipped with a simple audio visual system, making it easy to integrate presentations, music, images, and videos. After the service, attendees can gather in the catering area, providing a relaxed and comfortable space for reflection and connection.

Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery.

A cemetery serves as more than just a tranquil location for memorial services after cremation. It also offers designated areas for scattering ashes, providing a serene final resting place. One notable example is the Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery in Davidson, New South Wales, which spans 22 hectares of stunning Hawkesbury sandstone bushland. 

Within this expansive area, the Lorikeet Room stands as a serene and modern space with movable seating for 80 people, suitable for chapel services and gatherings. Visitors can relax and reminisce with loved ones while enjoying the view of the surrounding grounds. The prominent glass doors can be easily opened to extend the space to a shaded outdoor area, ensuring comfort and ample room for unexpected guests.

Toongabbie Baptist Church.

Located in Girraween, New South Wales, the Toongabbie Baptist Church offers modern amenities and creates a sacred and peaceful environment for families to gather, reflect, and find communal support. By holding the service in a church, it reinforces the spiritual bond between the departed and the divine. 

The venue can accommodate up to 50 people, providing a more intimate setting for a life celebration. Although the church does not offer onsite catering, its central location makes it convenient to organise catering services from nearby establishments. This allows for customisation of the memorial service based on individual preferences and budget.

Burleigh Heads Uniting Church.

After cremation, memorial services are traditionally held in churches like the Burleigh Heads Uniting Church in Queensland, as these sacred spaces offer comfort and a sense of togetherness during times of sorrow. Churches have always been held in high regard by many individuals and have historically been the setting for important life events such as births, weddings, and funerals, making them an ideal location for honouring the memory of a loved one. 

The Burleigh Heads Uniting Church, in particular, serves as a tranquil and serene venue for memorial services in the local community. It can accommodate up to 80 people, making it perfect for intimate gatherings and meaningful celebrations of life. While the church is fully equipped to host memorial services and provides ample on-site parking for attendees' convenience, catering services are not included and must be arranged separately.

Centennial Park.

After the cremation, memorial services are traditionally held at places like Centennial Park in Pasadena, South Australia. This beautiful garden venue not only provides a peaceful and dedicated setting for loved ones to come together, remember, and pay their respects, but also offers a variety of unique spaces designed to meet the different needs of families. 

These spaces, each named after a famous South Australian, are equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and can accommodate gatherings of various sizes. For smaller ceremonies, The Mawson Chapel can seat up to 35 guests, while larger celebrations can be held with a capacity of up to 230 people. On-site catering services are also available for added convenience.

Non-traditional venues.

West Beach Bathers Pavilion.

This pavilion located in St Kilda West, Victoria, perfectly positioned with beautiful ocean views, not only provides a serene backdrop but also creates the perfect atmosphere for a meaningful scattering ceremony, allowing loved ones to release the ashes in the embrace of nature. 

In addition to its natural beauty, the Pavilion's spacious rooms have been carefully designed to accommodate memorial services, with capacities ranging from 80 to 500 guests. These areas offer amenities such as room setup, microphone and speaker, projector and screen, and white linen tablecloths. Moreover, catering services enhance the experience by providing high-quality food and beverages.

Buckingham International.

Memorial services after cremation offer more flexibility in choosing a venue, as there is no need for a burial site. This allows for more personalised commemorations. Non-traditional venues like hotels are popular because they can provide a comfortable and intimate setting that reflects the unique personality of the departed. 

Best Western Plus Buckingham International, located just 20 minutes southeast of Melbourne's CBD in Highett, Victoria, offers three elegant spaces suitable for these occasions. Their rooms can accommodate anywhere from 40 to 300 guests and are filled with natural light, creating a serene atmosphere for honouring a loved one. In addition to the ambiance, the venue provides a full range of hotel amenities, including a comprehensive catering service that can be tailored to various tastes and dietary requirements.

East Fremantle Yacht Club.

Memorial services provide a more flexible approach to remembering a loved one, allowing families to select meaningful and personalised venues like the East Fremantle Yacht Club in Perth, Western Australia. This venue, which has been located on the tranquil banks of the Swan River since 1933, not only reflects the deceased's passions or interests, but also provides a unique backdrop that fosters reflection and connection. 

The club has a solemn atmosphere, panoramic views, function rooms with full river views, and balconies for up to 75 guests. Furthermore, it offers plenty of space for family and friends, as well as audio-visual equipment and catering options, ensuring a complete experience during this time of reflection.

Sorrento Bowling Club.

Memorial services at casual venues, like the Sorrento Bowling Club in Duncraig, Western Australia, capture the essence of a loved one's personality and the activities they cherished most. Celebrating a life in such a familiar and cherished setting offers comfort, evoking nostalgia and warmth. 

This club boasts a beautiful function room that can accommodate up to 120 guests, is surrounded by serene vistas, and features lovely interiors that create a peaceful atmosphere apt for a touching memorial service. With ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, and versatile catering options — including the possibility of self-catering using the club's facilities — it proves to be an ideal location for a memorable send-off.

The Breakwater.

Choosing a pub like The Breakwater as the location for a memorial service following cremation can provide a comforting and familiar atmosphere for those in attendance. In this relaxed and communal setting, guests can reminisce, support one another, and raise a toast in honour of the departed. The Breakwater, an exceptional memorial venue located by the water at Hillarys Boat Harbour in Western Australia, offers a beautiful event space that is perfect for celebrating a life well-lived. 

The Lower Deck Bar, situated on the first floor, is perfect for small gatherings as it opens onto the boardwalk. On the other hand, the Upper Deck Bar offers stunning views of the harbour and the sea, creating a beautiful backdrop for a memorial service. With a maximum capacity of 85, this venue is ideal for gatherings of small to medium size. Additionally, catering services are provided at the venue to ensure a smooth and meaningful memorial experience.

Blacktown Tavern.

Hosting a memorial service at a casual and relaxed setting such as the Blacktown Tavern in Blacktown, New South Wales offers a more personalised and flexible environment for honouring the departed. Families have the opportunity to create a unique and intimate atmosphere that reflects the individuality of their loved one through decorations, seating arrangements, and catering options. Additionally, non-traditional spaces like the private function room often have the capacity to accommodate larger gatherings, allowing friends and family to come together and celebrate the life of the deceased in a comfortable setting. 

The Blacktown Tavern combines the beauty of nature with modern amenities, providing a spacious and sophisticated venue complete with a bar. Additionally, the tavern provides ample parking and catering services, making it a convenient and fitting choice for memorial services.

Coogee East Ward Senior Citizens Centre.

After the cremation, you can hold memorial services at community centres such as the Coogee East Ward Senior Citizens Hall, which is conveniently located just a block away from the beautiful Coogee Beach in New South Wales. These venues offer a spacious and neutral environment that can comfortably accommodate attendees. With a capacity of 60 people, the hall is an ideal location to honour your loved one in the presence of close family and friends. 

This venue is equipped with comprehensive amenities, including a fully functional kitchen with hot water, an oven, a fridge, freezer, and a BBQ. This allows families the option to prepare meals or refreshments. The combination of convenient location and well-equipped facilities enables families to focus on paying tribute to their loved ones in a setting that suits their needs.

Majestic Roof Garden - Nandina Function Rooms.

Hotels are often chosen for non-traditional memorial services after cremation due to their peaceful and neutral atmosphere, well-equipped facilities, and experienced event planning staff. The Nandina function rooms, located on the top floor of the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, are perfect for such occasions. 

These rooms can accommodate up to 50 guests and offer a cosy and inviting space with plenty of natural light from the floor-to-ceiling sliding windows. Additionally, they provide easy access to a private outdoor terrace. The Nandina Function Rooms have a modern design, a refreshing atmosphere, beautiful views, advanced audiovisual equipment, and flexible seating arrangements, allowing you to create the perfect setting for your  loved one’s memorial service.

Old Cheese Factory.

Memorial service after cremation can be held in function centres because of their flexibility and convenience. The Old Cheese Factory in Berwick, Victoria, with its well-maintained gardens and historic buildings, including the 1860s Springfield Homestead, serves as a tribute to Australia's early history and an ideal location for such gatherings. 

With the capacity to accommodate up to 400 guests, the venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for a heartfelt celebration of life, ensuring that memories are tailored to the beauty and individuality of the departed. It is important to note that while the venue provides a stunning setting, catering arrangements must be made separately, but kitchen facilities are available for use.

Kirra Hill Community & Cultural Centre.

The Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre in Coolangatta, Queensland, provides an intimate setting that can accommodate up to 100 guests. The centre is equipped with modern amenities, including audio-visual equipment, a projector, and ceiling fans. Furthermore, it has a well-equipped kitchen for separate catering arrangements, and ample parking is available for attendees.

Find the right memorial venue for you.

When it comes to memorial services, the choice of venue can greatly enhance the experience. Whether your preference leans toward a peaceful memorial park or a distinct urban backdrop, our list of 20 venues presents a broad spectrum of choices.

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Recognising the diverse wishes and needs of every family in commemorating their loved ones, we also offer the option to hold a ceremony prior to the cremation in a more traditional style of farewell. This facilitates a more conventional viewing or service for those who wish to bid their last farewells in the presence of the departed. When deciding on the funeral or memorial service and its elements, it is important to choose an option that truly honours and commemorates your loved one. If you’re unsure about what’s right for you and your family, our team are only ever a phone call away.

If you wish to find your own funeral venue or have a favourite local pub or restaurant in mind, we would be more than happy to coordinate with you to see if that is possible. There are certain criteria that need to be met, such as reasonable pricing, a private function room that can accommodate the expected number of guests, and the availability of a screen for photo and music slideshows. Rest assured, our dedicated Bare Funeral team will work closely with your preferred venue to ensure that it is suitable for creating a meaningful service.