Talking about death won't kill  you! Our card game to help you kick off some of the trickiest (yet most important) conversations of their life.

There's nothing more certain than death and taxes, yet Australians are rubbish at talking about death. Unfortunately, the taboo limits us in planning for the end, on our terms.

At Bare, we believe that having a healthy perspective of our mortality and planning for tomorrow is critical for getting the most out of life today. That’s why we created Dealing with Death – a card game to help people kick off some of the trickiest (yet most important) conversations of their lives.

Dealing with Death is the card game the starts at The End! It’s an interactive game that allows families and friends to explore the topic of death in a conversational, light-hearted and open environment.

Play with family, friends or even by yourself! Whilst the topic is a tricky one, the answers within will give you clarity, context and a new appreciation for life.

Why a card game?

After chatting with families, as well as healthcare and aged care workers across Australia, we learned that people still find the topic of death taboo. We found that people in their later stage of life tend to shy away from talking about their wishes and preferences for medical decisions and funerals. As a consequence, these important (and expensive) decisions are ultimately left to family members at a time of immense grief. Without their loved one here to call the shots, they can only guess what their person would have wanted.

Interestingly, we also found the smaller proportion of people who are more open about their end-of-life wishes, were more empowered and at peace with their mortality.

We knew it was important for more Australians to have these important conversations with their loved ones, so we developed a card game as a fun and lighthearted conversation starter. At Bare, we believe it’s important that every family has open discussions about their end-of-life wishes and care, so that they can go out on their terms. With that in mind, we designed Dealing with Death, as a fun and interactive tool.

The game guides families as they reflect on their lives and ponder their mortality. By playing the game, families can consider and discuss their end-of-life wishes and preferences – perhaps for the first time! With these topics already addressed, some of the guesswork is taken away when it comes to making these decisions later on.

Our card game, Dealing with Death, encourages people to talk about death in a conversational way.
Our card game, Dealing with Death, encourages people to talk about death in a conversational way.

How the game works

Dealing with Death features a deck of 100 cards that act as end-of-life discussion prompts, to help carers and families talk about life and death in an easier (and even fun) way.

On each card is a question, prompting players to answer questions about themselves and others about life and death. The cards are designed to be provocative and reflective, as a light-hearted way to encourage families and friends to speak more openly about the culturally taboo topic.

Players earn points by correctly guessing how other players would answer these personal questions. The winner is technically the person with the most points at the end of the game, but each player is a real winner for participating in some of the most important discussions of their lives. By playing Dealing with Death, you now better understand your family or friends’ wishes and beliefs about life and death. And with that out of the way, you can all get back to living!Order your free copy from the Bare website, get a group of friends around, crack open some snacks, and get ready for the conversation of your life (and death!)

We've also put together the below Spotify playlist of songs to help set the mood.

To say it was an interesting and enlightening evening would be an understatement.

- David

We are organising with the Seniors Group I’m with to Have a ‘show’ party so we can use the game to get people to prepare for their funeral.

- Jacqueline

Dealing with Death was a lovely way to underline Bare's wonderful service. My friends and I put it to very good use... The card game was a great conversation starter on a subject we usually avoid.

- Maxine

How to get your copy of Dealing with Death

You can order your free copy of Dealing with Death by heading to the Bare website and filling out an order form with your mailing details.

Disclaimer: Dealing with Death is intended as a conversation starter only. The answers players provide are not intended to be legally binding. We recommend speaking with a legal professional for specific advice on your personal or financial situation.