This is a guide to choosing the right venue for your loved one’s funeral or memorial service.

What kind of funeral will it be?

When deciding what kind of funeral you prefer, it's important to consider the nature of the ceremony and the requirements of the venue. Funerals where your loved one’s coffin will be present often align well with specific venues designed to accommodate such ceremonies. These venues typically have the necessary facilities to accommodate viewings, processions, and other traditional elements. Meanwhile, ceremonies without a coffin, known as memorials, present a more adaptable approach. These services can be held in a wider range of venues, such as parks, gardens, personal homes, or even beachfronts. This allows you to choose a location that truly reflects the wishes of your loved one.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself or friends and family when deciding on a location.

Was your loved one religious?

If your loved one was religious, their church or place of worship may be an appropriate venue for part or all of the funeral service. There also may be a hall or setting within that location that could be suitable, so explore all options there.

Was your loved one part of a community group?

If they were a member of a bowls club, RSL, seniors group or general community group you can reach out to see if there is an associated location suitable for the service. 

Was there a favourite place your loved one liked to go? 

When choosing a location for a funeral service, it is important to consider places that were meaningful to the deceased. Places like a favorite park, beach club, or coastal venue could be suitable options. Such settings might be suitable for a post-cremation service or commonly referred to as a memorial. For services requiring amenities like catering, seating, and audio setups, many established traditional funeral venues provide these essentials. 

Additionally, if your loved one had a specific place in mind where they wanted their ashes to be scattered, incorporating that location into a post-cremation service or memorial could add a special and meaningful touch.

What if I answered no to these questions?

If you do not need to factor in any of the previous questions, take it back to the basics and use these points to help choose a location for the service.

  • How many people will be attending?
  • Will catering be required?
  • Will AV equipment be required?
  • What seating arrangements are required?
  • Is the exact location important? Will people be travelling a distance to the venue?

Here at Bare, we can help you find the right place to hold your loved one’s funeral service.

Final thoughts on funeral or memorial locations.

Selecting the ideal venue for a funeral or memorial service is important. It should reflect the preferences of your family or your loved one, while also setting the appropriate tone for the occasion. It's important to consider factors such as seating, catering, and audio-visual capabilities to ensure the comfort of attendees. Ultimately, the chosen location should capture the essence of your loved one and provide a heartfelt setting for those honouring their life.

At Bare, we have a directory of over 1000 partner venues across Australia. You can browse the list here.

Our arrangers are available to help you plan the ideal farewell for your loved one. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral service or a memorial-style service after a direct cremation, we can assist you in making the arrangements that suit your preferences.

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