Many customers often ask where the crematoriums are in South Australia. There are five major crematoriums in South Australia, ranging from publicly run to privately owned and operated.

Name Location Operator
Enfield Memorial Park Clearview Adelaide Cemeteries Trust (State Gov)
Centennial Park Pasadena Centennial Park Cemetery Authority (Local Gov)
Western Region Crematorium Port Adelaide Tony Monte Funerals (Private)
Carinya Gardens Cemetery Mount Gambier City of Mount Gambier (Local Gov)
Northern Region Crematorium Gawler Private

All Bare cremations in Adelaide take place at Enfield Memorial Park.

Scattering / Memorialising Ashes in South Australia.

Section 36 of the South Australia Burial and Cremation Act (2013) states: “NO interment right is required for the scattering of cremated remains in a cemetery or natural burial ground.”

There is no general permit required for scattering cremated remains in South Australia and no regulations prohibiting scattering. However, you still need to follow the below guidelines:

Cemeteries and Memorial Parks.

Memorial Parks offer a number of options for cremated remains.

  • Permanent cremation memorials, e.g. a niche in a wall, or in a garden bed. Each Cemetery has various options. Contact the cemetery involved for their options and pricing. Memorialisation can be purchased for perpetuity (forever) or limited tenure (25 years).
  • Scattering of Ashes can be done in cemetery gardens. Once again please contact the cemetery you are considering for their options and pricing.
  • Ashes can also be interred in a grave with other burials if permission of the owner of the gravesite is given.

Scattering at government-owned public land and parks.

In South Australia, you will need to contact the specific local council to seek permission to scatter on a particular piece of public land, and follow their requirements. However, a permit isn't required to scatter ashes.

Scattering ashes on private land.

You are free to scatter ashes on your own private property in South Australia.

If the private property is owned by someone else, you will need permission from the owner of the land.

Scattering ashes in bodies of water.

You don't need a permit or permission to scatter ashes at sea or in rivers in South Australia.

There are few things to keep in mind when scattering in water::

  • If you are scattering from a boat, you must get permission from the captain or boat owner to scatter. Read this Cruise Critic article for more information about scattering from a cruise ship.
  • If you are at the beach or on a pier, be mindful of other members of the public when scattering.
  • Often it is quite windy by the water, so be mindful of the direction of the wind when scattering. You don’t want to have remains scatter back to land or into anyone.
  • Never just throw the ashes container overboard as it will float. Always empty the container into the sea.

An alternative to scattering in water is to use a specifically designed urn for dispersing remains directly into a body of water. You simply place the urn into a body of water and the urn will float away with the natural tide. Over time the urn dissolves and the remains are dispersed into the water. The Eco Water Urn from The Living Urn is a great example.

There are a number of charter companies that offer Memorial Charters for scattering in South Australian waters.  Here are just a few:

  • South Australian Sea Rescue Squadron offers this service from either O’Sullivan Beach or Adelaide Shores boat ramps. Enquiries can be made to the Squadron Headquarters by telephone on (08) 8295 5062.
  • Seaside Memorial, operating from Glenelg Beach. A wonderful idea is that the local council for the Glenelg and Brighton beach has created a seaside memorial for people who have had their remains scattered at these beaches. Contact the City of Holdfast Bay. (08) 8229 9999.
  • Mana Ceremonies offers Ashes at Sea ceremonies, rub by civil celebrant, Ngahuia Trewartha. The Ashes at Sea life ceremony service offers a private ceremony on the beach or ocean. Based in Port Lincoln South Australia - Ngahuia is able to travel Australia wide to perform ceremonies. 0429 938 869.

General tips for ashes scattering.

If scattering remains be mindful of the following thoughts, which will help make the experience a little easier and more pleasant for everyone.

  • Consider the container the remains are in. Containers from the crematorium are difficult to open (often with a plug that needs a flat screwdriver to lift it off) and often not easy to scatter from. Ensure you know how to open the receptacle before the moment comes to scatter.
  • Alternatively consider transferring the remains into a receptacle specifically designed for easily scattering remains, such as the Eco Scattering Urn.
  • Be aware of the direction of the wind when scattering remains. Have guests stand upwind to avoid any airborne remains blowing into family or friends.
  • Consider other people.  If scattering in a public place remember other people have every right to be there also. Be respectful and if needed, discreet. Choose a time and a place that avoids large numbers of members of the public. 

Of course, you can always choose to keep your loved one’s remains at home with you. As we all know – there’s no place like home.

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