It can feel morbid or even uncomfortable to think about our own death. But one thing we do know is that our death is inevitable, which is why it’s vital to have a plan in place when you pass away. 

If you decide to organise a prepaid funeral to reduce the financial and emotional stress for your loved ones, it’s also a great time to consider your final wishes in the process. This will ensure you’ll get a send off that truly honours you and your life. 

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What are final wishes?

Your final wishes should be anything related to your end-of-life and funeral planning. By writing them down, you are giving your loved ones and next of kin clear instructions on what you want when it comes time to plan a funeral.

How would you like to be remembered? 

With nearly 40% of the Australian population not affiliated with a religious belief, more and more people are saying goodbye to non-traditional funerals. This means you can have more flexibility and choice about what happens on the day of your funeral or memorial.

We’ve heard the same story from many Bare customers; they’ve watched their loved ones be commemorated in a way that didn’t reflect who they were as a person, which got them thinking about their own funerals. This led to them wanting to make the decisions instead of family or a stranger.

By recording your thoughts and wishes for your funeral, you can help your friends and family create a celebration of your life that reflects who you are, the way you would want it. 

Jotting down some ideas about what your funeral or memorial will look like can be extremely helpful when the time comes. Some questions you might want to answer include:

  • What style of funeral/memorial would you like?
  • Where would you like your funeral/memorial to be held?
  • Any songs or music you would like to include?
  • Do you have any wishes for your ashes?

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Keep a record of your final wishes.

After you’ve written out your final wishes, you need to keep a record of them which is easily accessible for friends and family. It’s best to email or print a copy soon after you have written them, so you don’t forget to pass them along.

Do I put my final wishes in my will?

While you are more than welcome to include your final wishes in your will, you should also have a copy kept seperate. The will can be read after a funeral or memorial, so if you include final wishes with your Will they may not be read in time to be brought to life. 

So, how do I write my final wishes?

We’ve just launched a tool that will easily allow you to write your own farewell wishes and describe what you want to happen when you die. We provide plenty of prompts and ideas to help you create your final wishes. Once completed, you will be able to save as a PDF, file it with your will and forward it to anyone you want to carry out your wishes. 

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