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Applying to redirect mail after someone dies is a common step in the estate administration process, particularly if the deceased person lived alone. This article explains how an executor of a Will or estate administrator can apply to redirect mail through Australia Post after someone dies.

Why should I redirect mail of a deceased person?

If you - as the executor of a Will or estate administer - were residing at a different address to the deceased person’s postal address, it can be helpful to redirect mail to your address.

This is because you will need to ensure all bills and debts are paid as part of the estate administration process. You will also need to ensure any accounts, utilities, reoccurring subscriptions and registrations are cancelled if they are no longer needed by anyone else in the household.

Redirecting mail through Australia Post will help to cross-reference any active accounts and close off those no longer required.

If you are the deceased person’s spouse or partner, or living in the same household as the deceased, redirecting mail may not be necessary.

How much does mail redirection at Australia Post cost?

Redirecting mail within Australia usually costs $33 for a month (or $19.80 concession) for those moving addresses (current at July 2021). However, Australia Post offers the service free for up to 12 months for anyone applying to redirect mail after someone dies. The complimentary service is available to the person administering a deceased estate within Australia.

In addition to administrators of deceased estates, victims of domestic violence or a natural disaster may also be eligible for the free 12-month mail redirection service.

Applications for the free mail redirection must be made in-person, at any Australia Post Office. You can find your local post office here.

An Australia Post mail delivery van
Applying to redirect mail at Australia Post after someone dies is a common step in the estate administration process.

What do I need to redirect mail?

When you visit an Australia Post Office to process the mail redirection, you will need to bring the following documentation along:

  • A completed Australia Post Mail Redirection application form. This can be either downloaded here, or a paper copy should be available from your local Post Office;
  • A copy of the grant of probate or letter of administration. To learn more about this document, read our article ‘What is a Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration?’ here; and
  • Your own proof of identity (for example a licence, passport, birth certificate or a bill/invoice with your name and residential address).

If you need to continue your mail redirection for longer than the free 12-month period, applicable rates will apply.

You can find out more information about Australia Post’s mail redirection here.

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