From sea scatterings to tattoos and jewellery keepsakes – when considering a memorial with Ashes the possibilities are near endless in Victoria.

After a cremation, you want to remember your loved one into the future in a way that keeps their uniqueness alive with you. So we’ve put together this list of nine ways you can use their cremated remains as a memorial in Victoria that reflects their personality. Some are traditional and others are more out of the box. Just follow the guidelines below in your choice of location.

1. Cemeteries and memorial parks

Victorian memorial parks offer a number of options for cremated remains.

You may choose to purchase a cremation memorial, which could be a niche in a wall, or in a garden bed. Each cemetery will have various options available and you will need to contact the cemetery involved for their options and pricing.

Scattering of Ashes can be done in cemetery gardens. Once again please contact the cemetery you are considering for their options and pricing.

Victorian law states that there is no requirement to dispose of cremated human remains in a public cemetery. So think a little outside the box and have in the forefront of your mind – what is the best way to remember my loved one?

2. Scattering remains

Drone scattering

If your loved one wished to be scattered and you have been considering how best to accomplish this but haven’t been able to find the right method or location, drone scattering service With The Wind could be what you have been looking for.

With The Wind aerial imaging service is based in the Geelong region, but their customised M600 drone has the ability to fly above almost any location (pending flight approvals) for a professional ash scattering service. You might like to consider flying over a beach, ocean, farm land – or any other location – to release your loved one’s ashes literally ‘with the wind’.

They can even combine the ashes with environmentally friendly coloured powders to add to the visual experience.

Drone scattering service With The Wind can release ashes above a beach, ocean, or anywhere.
Drone scattering service With The Wind can release your loved one’s ashes above a beach, ocean, or anywhere. Photo supplied by With the Wind

Scattering regulations in Victoria

There is no general permit required for scattering cremated remains in Victoria. Your loved one may have a favourite place, holiday destination, or somewhere special that holds a significant memory. Any such places would be ideal for a scattering memorial, and this is often a lovely idea.

It can also be in your backyard, under a special tree, beneath a favourite rose bush, under a favourite bench. Always keep in mind though the prospect of possibly moving at a later date and if this would bother you at all.

Victoria government-owned public land and parks

Local councils and other public bodies have varying requirements concerning the disposal of cremated remains, with some even having no formal policy at all. For example, scattering ashes in the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is prohibited, but Hobsons Bay City Council expressly permits the scattering of ashes on land owned by the council. To be safe, contact the local council where the land is located to obtain permission if you wish to scatter ashes on public land.

Scattering ashes on private land

In Victoria, you can inter or scatter cremated remains on your own privately-owned property without needing any other permission. If the private property is owned by someone else you will need permission from the owner of the land.

Scattering ashes at sea and other bodies of water in Victoria

You do not need a permit or permission to scatter ashes at sea, or in rivers. However, keep in mind a few things:

  • If you are scattering from a vessel it is a good idea to get permission from the boat owner to scatter. See this article from Cruise Critic about scattering from a cruise ship.
  • If you are at the beach or on a pier be mindful of other members of the public when scattering.
  • Often it is quite windy by the water, so be mindful of the direction of the wind when scattering. You don’t want to have remains scatter back to land or into anyone.

There are a number of charter companies that offer ashes scatterings and sea memorial charters in Melbourne, to honour the memory and last wishes of your loved one.

With a pick-up from St Kilda Pier, Melbourne Fishing Charters offers sea scattering services cruising Hobsons Bay and Port Phillip Bay. For bookings call: 9882 2061 or host Andre on 0425 723 728.

Oriental Queen Cruises is another Melbourne company that offers ashes scattering ceremony charters along Victoria Harbour or the Yarra River. The Oriental Queen can accommodate 61 guests. For bookings call: 0488 282 828.

An alternative to scattering in water is to use a specifically designed urn for dispersing remains directly into a body of water. You simply place the urn into a body of water and the urn will float away with the natural tide. Over time the urn dissolves and the remains are dispersed into the water. The Eco Water Urn from The Living Urn is a beautiful example.

General tips on ashes scattering

If scattering remains be mindful of the following thoughts, which will help make the memorial experience a little easier and more pleasant for everyone.

  • Consider the container the remains are in. Containers from the crematorium are difficult to open (often with a plug that needs a flat screwdriver to lift it off) and often not easy to scatter from. Ensure you know how to open the receptacle before the moment comes to scatter.
  • Alternatively consider transferring the remains into a receptacle specifically designed for easily scattering remains, such as the Eco Scattering Urn.
  • Be aware of the direction of the wind when scattering remains. Have guests stand upwind to avoid any airborne remains blowing into family or friends.
  • Consider other people.  If scattering in a public place remember other people have every right to be there also. Be respectful and if needed, discreet. Choose a time and a place that avoids large numbers of members of the public.

Alternative memorials with Ashes

If you are after something a little outside the box, there are endless ways to create keepsakes or memorialise your loved with cremated remains. Below are a few ideas:

3. Plant a memorial tree

Did your loved one enjoy the garden, or have a special place in their garden. If so why not plant a memorial tree.

The Living Urn enables you to plant a tree, plant or flower easily with your loved one’s remains, to create a special long-lasting memorial.

4. Memorial jewellery from Ashes

Keepsake Jewellery has cremation memorial pendants that can hold a pinch of ashes.
Keepsake Jewellery has memorial pendants that can hold a pinch of ashes. Photo: Keepsake Jewellery

You can have a piece of your loved one with you at all times by having some of their remains made into personal jewellery pieces.

Memorial jewellery makers Keepsake Jewellery can help with that. They have a range of pendants that open via a small screw to hold a pinch of ashes. Some can even be engraved with your loved one’s photo.

Diamonds are forever, so why not have some of your loved one’s remains turned into diamonds for an everlasting personal keepsake. Heart in Diamond creates beautiful diamonds from your loved one’s hair or ashes so you can hold on to your special memories of them always.

5. Memorial tattoos with Ashes

Thinking of getting your loved one’s name or a special image tattooed onto your body? Well, now special ink can be made up with some of their remains for that special tattoo you are considering. Cremation Ink is one place that can professionally infuse cremated remains into tattoo ink for a permanent memorial you can wear.

6. Ashes pressed into vinyl records

Did your loved one have a special love of music? If so, consider having their remains pressed into a special vinyl record with a business called And Vilnyly.

7. Glass memorials with Ashes

Of course, you can always choose to keep your loved one’s remains at home with you. As we all know – there’s no place like home! Having a beautiful glass piece created by glassblowers which include remains might be more fitting. Victorian-based glassblower Memorial Glass, in Healesville, creates some stunning pieces.

8. Fireworks with Ashes

Go out with a bang? Ashes to Ashes creates fireworks with your loved one’s ashes.

Ashes To Ashes offers a unique yet personal way to commemorate the loss of a loved one by scattering their cremated ashes high into the sky by way of a beautiful and spectacular fireworks display. Loved ones can experience an unforgettable moment of reflection, wonderment and celebration, as the journey towards closure begins.

Do remember though it is illegal for anyone to release fireworks in Victoria and a special permit is required if you are intending to do this. The fireworks commemoration can however be performed at almost any site Australia wide, provided approval is obtained from the relevant council, religious bodies or landowner.

Final thoughts on memorials with Ashes

Take your time in making the right decision as it needs to be right for you now and also in the future.

Things to consider:

  • Did my loved one express their wishes in what they would like done with their remains?
  • Do I want a permanent memorial place where I and other family members can visit?
  • Did other family members want to keep some of the remains.  There is no obligation for remains to be kept together. They can be divided for different people and purposes.

Remember just a few small rules and then your options are boundless. You will know what is the right way to scatter or memorialise your loved one’s remains in a way that reflects their personality.

We’ve created this Spotify playlist to give you a few ideas for some suitable songs you might like to include in your loved one’s memorial service.

For more ideas on ways to personalise a memorial, read our articles on 10 Alternatives to a Traditional Funeral Service and Types of memorials after a Bare cremation.

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