Here at Bare, we’re thrilled to be one of nine emerging startups selected to participate in 30X30, LaunchVic’s new program on a mission to see 30 Victorian startups reach unicorn status by 2030, backed by the Victorian Government.

A unicorn is a startup or scale up that is privately owned with a valuation over $1 billion.

Supported by mentors who have scaled the HR, Operations or Finance functions at top startups like Atlassian, Canva, Bumble and SafetyCulture, the program is helping Victorian scaleups build world-class back-office operations to contend with massive growth.

LaunchVic chair Leigh Jasper, who was previously chief executive and co-founder of construction software unicorn Aconex, said that the program will likely provide a strong return on investment for taxpayers in terms of job creation.

“One of the main roles LaunchVic has to help companies expand is to help them learn and help them be more successful, and make it a whole lot easier for them than when I had to go through it.

“This program is about providing support to people who are around the founder, so people in HR, operations, finance, and help them develop their functions and grow them. The margin between success and failure in start-ups is so slim, sometimes it’s just about getting the right help at the right time and getting a little nudge in the right direction.”

We’ve been selected with other big names, like Buildkite, Carbar, HammerTech, InternMatch, July Luggage, Nutromics, Seer Medical and Mr Yum.

The chief people officer of venture capital company Blackbird, Justin Angsuwat, said the start-ups will benefit from lessons already learned by the likes of Google and other Silicon Valley stalwarts. Mr Angsuwat was an HR executive at Google and previously served as the HR chief of staff at Telstra.

“We want to equip HR, finance operators and other leaders to scale their businesses by taking learnings from people who have come before them. As a business scales it takes on a lot of tech debt, culture debt and operational debt, and some of that is completely avoidable.”

We’re super excited to be a part of 30x30 and keep growing Bare, which means we can help more people and transform the deathcare industry in Australia and beyond.

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