When a loved one dies, the stillness and silence that follows can be deafening. The laughing and the love, once gone, leaves a void. In these times of loss, we turn to eulogies - they help us express the love and the memories while paying honour to the deceased, while giving the audience the opportunity to reflect, learn and grieve.

Eulogies are more than merely a biography of a person's life. They are intimate and genuine sentiments that capture the essence of a person, their journey, and the imprint they've made on the world.

Why are eulogies so important?

Tribute to the deceased and honouring their memory. 

A eulogy is essentially a tribute to someone who has died. It's a moment to acknowledge and celebrate their abilities, unique character, and influence on others around them. Often we only get to celebrate our loved ones during special events such as weddings or birthdays, and a eulogy can share the final chapters of that incredible life.

Grief is nuanced, and often there are moments of joy through the pain. A eulogy can help remind everyone of the joy by memorialising stories about the incredible life your loved one lived. We celebrate their life by honouring their values and keep them alive in our hearts by talking about them. 

Navigating grief and finding closure. 

Grief is a complicated feeling, and publicly commemorating the life of a loved one can give closure for people who are mourning. It's a step toward embracing loss as a fact of life. There is no single thing that gives us closure, and many of us cling to the idea of closure because we think we can’t move on without it, but for some a eulogy can help them accept the finality of death. 

Healing through sharing and storytelling. 

Storytelling keeps culture and memory alive, by preserving and passing on knowledge from one generation to another. Not everyone may be aware of all parts of a person's life, especially in larger families or communities. A eulogy can shed light on aspects of the deceased's life that others may not have been aware of, while also preserving and passing on their story.

Recounting beloved memories can also be healing for the one delivering the eulogy. Exploring their own grief by writing, then publicly sharing can bring up so many emotions, but is incredibly powerful.

Hearing stories and memories can provide consolation to listeners by reminding them of shared experiences and relationships, reminding them of that beautiful love shared. The burden of grief is lessened when shared.

Uniting families and communities. 

Eulogies frequently bring families and communities together. It often brings people together from all aspects of the deceased’s life, giving the opportunity for people to reconnect.

Shared grief can enhance bonds by reminding people of their history and relationships, and how they all intertwine. You may have had a completely different relationship to the deceased compared to someone else, but often through a eulogy you will realise those shared experiences and find comfort from them.


Eulogies can cause people to think about their own lives, values, and relationships. It's a good time to reflect about our legacies and the effects we have on others. If your last day was today, what would people share about you? Does that thought make you want to change?

The significance of life. 

Every life, no matter how quietly lived, no matter the legacy left or lack thereof, has meaning. A eulogy acknowledges this truth, confirming that every human leaves an imprint on others, profoundly impacting lives.

Final thoughts on the importance of eulogies.

Eulogies were traditionally presented by religious leaders or elders. These days, it's not uncommon for close friends or family members, even children, to share their memories. This shift has made eulogies more intimate and personal. 

With funerals being brought into the modern age, eulogies are no longer limited to funeral gatherings. Online memorials, social media tributes, and even video eulogies have all become part of the grieving and remembering process, or if the service was recorded or livestreamed, you will have a video to watch back on over the years and not only remember the life of your loved one, but the memories the funeral service brought on. 

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