Bare offers a simple and affordable cremation option without compromising on the level of service. Click below to see the price for your area.

At Bare Cremation, we can help you to plan a simple cremation for a loved one - or yourself if you wish to plan ahead and minimise the stress on your family later on.

Australian funeral trends are changing, and traditional, expensive funeral doesn’t feel right for everyone when a loved one passes away.

Almost three quarters (73%) of Aussies saying they don’t want to be farewelled with a church or religious ceremony when the time comes, according to a recent study by Australian Seniors. That's why a simple cremation may be a more befitting farewell for someone who was not traditional, who lived their life without fuss.

A simple funeral can also be the solution for those who would rather spend their money on living, not dying; or families looking for a more affordable funeral service.

In this guide we will cover:

What is a simple cremation?

A simple cremation is an affordable, no-frills alternative to a traditional cremation, often without much of the formal funeral service elements. It is generally the preferred funeral option for less-traditional families who want to keep things simple; or those who are looking for a more affordable, yet dignified service.

A Bare Cremation includes a more straightforward and cost-effective alternative to a traditional funeral service, without compromising on the level of care your loved one deserves. These days, Australians don’t want churches, candles, wreaths, or overpriced sandwiches. So why are we forking out thousands on stuff we don’t need? With Bare Cremation, you’re only paying for what’s needed.

Simple cremations are growing in popularity. When farewelling a loved one, Australians want more celebrating and less tradition.

How much does a simple cremation cost?

In Australia, *the average price of a simple cremation with Bare is about $2,850, at time of writing. That's almost $5,000 less than the average price of a traditional cremation, being $7,500, according to Gathered Here. Prices will differ depending on the location, due to varying state government fees and operating costs.

In contrast, more elaborate funerals can cost upwards of $15,000.

Traditional funeral directors generally offer large service packages that include a list of add-ons like overpriced catering, expensive coffins and flowers, which can quickly bump up the price.

At Bare, we can help you arrange a respectful and dignified simple cremation that saves thousands of dollars compared with traditional funeral providers. To learn more, visit our website or call 1800 202 901 for a pre-paid service, or 1800 071 176 for an imminent or at-need arrangement.

What does a simple funeral include?

A simple funeral can differ between funeral directors, so it's important you understand what is included with each arrangement. A simple cremation with Bare is non-attended, without an accompanying formal funeral service.

Also known as a direct cremation, a basic, private cremation with Bare means you’re paying a fraction of the price of a traditional funeral service because we remove the need to involve a funeral home.

Arranging a direct cremation also allows the freedom, flexibility and budget to customise a memorial separately, to match your loved one’s unique personality. Families will usually choose to arrange a memorial once they have received the ashes. To learn how, read our Ultimate Guide to Planning a Memorial, here.

A simple funeral with Bare offers a more straightforward and cost-effective alternative to traditional funerals. Our funeral service includes the fundamentals of a cremation service including:

  • Complete care by our dedicated telephone-based funeral arrangers available 24/7;
  • Transportation and logistics;
  • A simple eco-friendly coffin;
  • Private cremation;
  • Death certificate, death registration and other paperwork; and
  • Return of ashes to the family or Next of Kin.

A memorial service can also be added to your Bare arrangement, where one of our celebrants conducts a memorial service separately from the cremation, for an additional fee.

In contrast, traditional funeral directors generally offer large service packages that encompass more than just the cremation. In addition to the attended funeral ceremony, traditional cremation service packages with traditional funeral homes usually include:

  • Embalming and dressing the deceased person;
  • The option for a viewing before the service, or an open or closed casket before the cremation;
  • A traditional funeral or memorial service, usually in a chapel or church; and
  • Additional services including a casket, flowers, hearse, catering, newspaper announcement, decorative urn, and other extras.

Whether you are looking to plan a private cremation or a family-led memorial, we would be honoured to support you.

There’s also the option of adding a memorial service to the arrangement. That’s where our dedicated celebrants can help arrange and conduct a memorial service separately from the cremation. To find out more, visit our Bare Memorials website here, or call 1800 071 176.

Bare by name, not by quality of service

Bare offers a simple and affordable cremation option without compromising on the level of service. We're proud to say we've achieved an almost perfect customer rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. You can find out what hundreds of our customers have said about us by reading our reviews here.

At Bare, we focus on providing a dignified cremation service while providing a high level of dedication and compassion. From the moment we receive the first phone call or online inquiry until the ashes are returned, our dedicated team will connect with you or your family. And we’re there every step of the way.

Our nationwide network of reputable crematoria, local service providers and funeral industry professionals ensures a high standard of service.

How does a Bare Cremation work?

The Bare Customer Care team is available 24/7 on 1800 071 176. Your support person will take some brief details, talk you through the process and answer any questions you have. From there, your dedicated funeral provider will start to arrange the collection and transportation of your loved one and process the required paperwork. With a Bare, there are no extra fees for after-hours collection or customer care.

By taking care of the cremation, we empower families and friends to focus on holding a memorial that is as unique as the life it celebrates – whether that’s a backyard barbeque, a tree-planting ceremony or a Viking send-off.

Planning a private, unattended cremation with Bare can be done in just minutes, either online or over the phone, by calling 1800 071 176 (at-need), or 1800 202 901 for pre-paid service.

We also offer the option to plan ahead and prepay your own funeral, to save the stress on your family and friends later on.

Final thoughts

Prepaid cremations are growing in popularity because they relieve families of future financial burden and stress that usually comes with planning a funeral when a loved one has died. As the arrangement is fully paid, you can rest assured that your family won’t be financially burdened by the cost of the funeral, nor will they feel the pressure to arrange an extravagant and costly service. Prepaid cremations also allow you to lock in the price of the service at today’s cost, irrespective of when it is actually required.

There’s also the option to add a Bare Memorial service to your simple cremation. That’s where our celebrant team can help arrange and conduct a family-led memorial service, while we take care of the cremation process.

To learn more about our simple cremation arrangements or to get a quote, click the below button, or give us a call. To arrange an at-need or imminent cremation call 1800 071 176, or for a prepaid cremation call 1800 202 901.

*This is the national average price of an at-need Bare cremation, correct at February 2024. Please note that prices vary depending on location and are subject to increase over time. For an accurate quote and cost breakdown for your location, please visit our website.