Hi, I'm Amanda Wright

Funeral arranger

It sounds cheesy but I feel I was called to the death and dying space after the death of both parents, 5 years apart, which changed the trajectory of my life in many ways. In 2017, I trained to become an End of Life Doula and more recently completed funeral celebrancy training and have supported people in this space since. It is such a privilege to support people during a time when they are in their most vulnerable, scared and rawest states.

What motivates me to be a Bare funeral arranger?

As every birth, life and family is unique, so is death and yet, we tend to shy away from talking about it and get caught on the treadmill of doing death and funerals the ‘traditional’ way. When planning my parent’s funerals, and having attended many others, it became clear how “cookie cutter” and “factory line” most funerals are. I am passionate about evoking positive change in our death-denying culture, advocating for open conversations and curiosity about death and dying and to be part of a cultural shift towards how we 'do' death and celebrating the lives of our loved ones, in ways that are unique to them.

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