Hi, I'm Daphney Adams

Funeral Arranger

I have been involved in the funeral industry since 2015, as a funeral director and celebrant before coming to Bare. Helping families navigate the experience of losing a loved one is something I feel so honoured to do. My passion lies in recognising the intrinsic value of everyone's life and contribution to the world.  

I am a mum of three great sons and an adorable little cat. I also have a love of history, am currently studying my Masters of History and have an interest in life writing and promoting legacy writing. Everyone's story is valuable and should be shared. 

What motivates me to be a Bare funeral arranger?

The early days of grief and loss can be so overwhelming for people so it's an absolute privilege to be able to support people during this journey, to lighten their load even slightly. Grief is so individual and I'm proud to be part of a company that recognises that, and is genuinely compassionate to the grieving person.

Daphney has arranged funerals for over 646 families.

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