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“I was told cardboard coffins are more expensive”.

That’s the message we’re finding some traditional funeral directors are telling customers.

Contrary to what many families are being told, the production of ‘cardboard coffins’ costs significantly less than traditional metal, timber or wood coffins and caskets.

This article explains the price discrepancies between traditional funeral directors and why they can be reluctant to offer cardboard coffins to families. We also explain the benefits of cardboard coffins.

What is a cardboard coffin?

The term ‘cardboard coffin’ refers to a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional coffins and caskets, commonly made from recycled cardboard. Cardboard coffins and caskets are 100% biodegradable and leave a lower carbon footprint. They produce fewer carbon emissions and don’t require as much energy to burn as chipboard or timber coffins and caskets.

You can read more about the environmental impacts of funerals here.

With a Bare Cremation, we only use coffins made from cardboard or MDF to keep both carbon emissions and prices low. These coffins have a lower carbon footprint to both make and cremate, compared with the glossy, solid wood coffins and caskets commonly used in traditional funerals.

As Bare offers a non-traditional approach with a Bare Cremation, many prepaid customers also tell us they don’t want to waste their money and would rather be sent off in a ‘cardboard box’. These single-use coffins we use with every arrangement allows for that!

Are cardboard coffins legal?

Cardboard coffins and caskets are a viable and legally accepted option throughout Australia for use in both cremation and burial.

There is a growing shift towards cardboard coffins as Australians are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint in life and in death, as well as the financial burden of funeral costs. As it is a relatively modern trend, some crematoriums and long-established funeral directors can be reluctant to use cardboard coffins simply because they are not familiar with them.

However, the cardboard coffins used in a Bare cremation are durable, strong and meet Australian regulations. They have extra thick corrugated panels, allowing for weight-bearing up to 240kg.

How much do cardboard coffins cost?

Some funeral directors, like Bare, include the coffin as part of their standard service fee. However, traditional funeral homes generally add on the cost of the coffin or casket to the service fee charged to families.

The price of a cardboard coffin can vary wildly between provider and funeral directors. One of the reasons is because a large funeral conglomerate owns a higher-priced cardboard coffin provider.

The cost of cardboard coffins range around $300-$800 for a basic product used in a non-attended direct cremation, to around $3,000-$5,000 for a customised cardboard coffin at an attended ceremony. In comparison, the price of a more conventional coffin generally costs around $2,000-$10,000+ according to Gathered Here. You can read more about the average cost of a funeral in Australia here.

Another reason traditional funeral directors can be reluctant to offer families cardboard coffins as an option is because coffins and caskets are where they make significant markups, according to Funeral Directors Australia. This is why it is important to specifically ask the funeral director about the available options for cardboard coffins. They might even only offer you the premium coffins and neglect to even mention the affordable alternative.

If the funeral director is not able to accommodate your request, or if you are being quoted a price you are not comfortable with, you always have the choice to go to another funeral provider that may be more accommodating. We recommend calling funeral directors to request a quote, or looking for a price list on their website.

If you are considering purchasing a coffin directly from a specialist cardboard coffin provider and supplying your own coffin or casket, you should first speak with your funeral provider. It is common for funeral homes to charge a ‘handling fee’ of several hundreds of dollars to accommodate BYO coffins, so keep this in mind.

With a Bare Cremation, unfortunately we cannot accommodate any coffins other than our simple cardboard coffin offering.

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