Crematoriums in Tasmania are privately owned and mainly run by Funeral Homes.

Here is a list of crematoriums in Tasmania, which are also options for you if you wish to have cremated remains interred at a cemetery.

Name Location Owner
North West Regional Crematorium Ulverstone Vincent Funeral services
Mersey Gardens Crematorium Devonport Pinegrove Funerals
Cornelian Bay Crematorium New Town, Hobart Milligans
Franklin Grove Funeral Centre Youngtown Finney Funerals
Carr Villa Memorial Park Launceston City of Launceston

Memorialising or scattering cremated remains

When thinking about what to do with the cremated remains of your loved one, there are just a few rules, but your possibilities are near endless. You want to remember your loved one into the future in a way that keeps their uniqueness alive with you. So, take your time in making the right decision. It needs to be the right decision for you now and also in the future.

Things to consider are:

  • Did my loved one express their wishes in what they would like done with their remains?
  • Do I want a permanent memorial place where I and other family members can visit?
  • Did other family members want to keep some of the remains?  There is no obligation for remains to be kept together and they can be divided for different people and purposes.

There are endless opportunities available to you in Tasmania in relation to dealing with your loved one’s cremated remains. Some are more traditional and some very unique. Take your time in considering your options and you will know what the right decision will be for you, your family and the perfect way to honour your loved one.

In Tasmania cremated remains are not classified as “human remains” in the Burial and Cremation Act (2002). Therefore there are no stated state restrictions with regard to their disposal and no general permit required for scattering.

Here are a few ideas for you:

Scattering at cemeteries and memorial parks

Memorial Parks offer a number of options for cremated remains.

  • You may choose to purchase a cremation memorial, which could be a niche in a wall, or in a garden bed. Each cemetery has various options available and you will need to contact the cemetery involved for their options and pricing.
  • Scattering of Ashes can be done in cemetery gardens. Once again please contact the cemetery you are considering for their options and pricing.

Scattering cremated ashes

You may choose to scatter your loved one’s remains. This can take place on private land, at the beach, in a river, in public parks, at sea or at a place that was significant to the deceased and families. It also depends on the personal wishes of the deceased and yourself. For example, in Hobart Mt Wellington has become a popular location for remains to be scattered, overlooking the beautiful Hobart below.

If you wish to scatter on privately owned land seek permission of the landowner before doing so.

If scattering on public land, contact the particular local authority to see if they have any specific restrictions, but as a general rule scattering is not prohibited.

Scattering ashes at Mt Wellington

Mt Wellington Park Management Trust has said the following about wanting to scatter remains in the park:

“Scattering of ashes in Wellington Park is not expressly prohibited under the Wellington Park Regulations 2019. However, please choose a quiet spot away from other Park visitors. Memorials of any kind are prohibited unless you have a permit from the Wellington Park Management Trust. Memorials will only be approved if they commemorate events or people of outstanding significance to the Park. Contact the Trust for further information.

Scattering ashes at bodies of water

No permit is required to scatter ashes in the ocean or in water in Tasmania,  such as the Derwent River being a popular water place for scattering.

Keep a few extra things in mind when considering scattering in water:

  • If you are scattering from a vessel you must get permission from the boat owner to scatter. See this Cruise Critic article about scattering from a cruise ship.
  • If you are at the beach or on a pier be mindful of other members of the public when scattering.
  • Often it is quite windy by the water, so be mindful of the direction of the wind when scattering. You don’t want to have remains scatter back to land or into anyone.
  • Never just throw the ashes container overboard as it will float. Always empty the container into the sea.


An alternative to scattering in water is to use a specifically designed urn for dispersing remains directly into a body of water. You simply place the urn into a body of water and the urn will float away with the natural tide. Over time the urn dissolves and the remains are dispersed into the water. The Eco Water Urn from The Living urn is a beautiful example.

There are a number of charter companies that offer Memorial Charters for scattering in Tasmanian waters, including SV Rhona and Tasmanian Boat Charters.

General tips for scattering in Tasmania

If scattering remains, be mindful of the following thoughts, which will help make the experience a little easier and more pleasant for everyone.

  • Consider the container the remains are in. Containers from the crematorium are difficult to open (often with a plug that needs a flat screwdriver to lift it off) and often not easy to scatter from. Ensure you know how to open the receptacle before the moment comes to scatter.
  • Alternatively consider transferring the remains into a receptacle specifically designed for easily scattering remains, such as the Eco Scattering Urn.
  • Be aware of the direction of the wind when scattering remains. Have guests stand upwind to avoid any airborne remains blowing into family or friends.
  • Consider other people.  If scattering in a public place remember other people have every right to be there also. Be respectful and if needed, discreet. Choose a time and a place that avoids large numbers of members of the public.

Of course, you can always choose to keep your loved ones at home with you. As we all know – there’s no place like home.

Let us help you say your preferred goodbye, whether you prefer a traditional funeral service or a memorial-style gathering following a direct cremation, we are here to support you. If you are unsure about which option would be most suitable for you and your family, our team is readily available to assist you with just a phone call.

To arrange a cremation or funeral service, call 1800 071 176 or visit our Funeral Services page here.