Trish’s mum passed away at 93 years old. Trish described her mum as an “amazing woman, very kind, didn’t sweat the small stuff” and who led “a very sort of godly life”. Trish feels very lucky to have had all those years with her.

“[Mum] didn’t want a funeral service. She was very direct, she said ‘I do not want a service, I just want basically a cremation’. That was her wish.”

Trish technically didn’t hold a funeral service for her mother, but instead gave her a memorial service. “I went to a local funeral director, and I explained that I just wanted an unattended cremation. He said if it’s a family church, you can probably deal with that yourself, we’ll just do the cremation part. And he gave me a quote for nearly $7,000 for an unattended cremation.”

Trish heard about Bare through a family member, her aunt and mum’s twin sister. “She said,'' Have a look, apparently it’s on the internet. Have a look for Bare’. And that’s how I found Bare. It was just online [and I found out] through a 93 year old, which is quite funny.”

So Trish decided to get in touch with Bare.

“It was a public holiday on the Monday and you guys were still working. I explained that I wanted an unattended cremation, and I asked ‘Do you happen to do services? Because the funeral’s on Friday, it’s Monday. There are 4 days ‘til this funeral and I’ve done nothing.’ [The lady on the phone] put me on the phone to a lovely lovely girl called Amanda and she did everything [for the funeral].”

Trish was grieving and was struggling to organise the funeral. “I couldn’t do anything. I was grief-stricken and I was sick and I had nothing left. I just really couldn’t do anything apart from gather some photos together and write the eulogy. It’s all I could do.”

“The service was at 11am and [Isaac, the funeral arranger] was going to meet me there at 10:30. I got there at 10 and Isaac was already there. He was like family - people were saying ‘was that your nephew?’ I said no, he's from the funeral company. And they all said ‘wow, he was amazing’.”

Trish also sent through a lovely message to our arranger Amanda after her experience with Bare:

Dear Amanda,

I cannot thank you enough for your going above and beyond with my mum's service.

Issac was fantastic and so kind and helpful. We had a few issues on the day and he was such a pro, so please give him my thanks.

Without your help I couldn’t have got my act together to even do the eulogy. I went through your checklist and didn’t miss anything on the day.

The slideshow, postcards, food and flowers were beautiful and so many people asked who organised the service, so I’ve given people the details of Bare.

You made the worst day of my life so much easier as all the hard work was done.

Within 4 days you made it all happen and I’m truly grateful. Thank you for being such a professional, lovely person.

Kind regards Trish xx

Trish then realised she needed a lawyer for Probate. 

“We were going to use a lawyer to make the will, [a lawyer] we’d used for other family issues in the past. They sent me a quote, around $6,000-7,000.”

“After Mum’s service, I was contacted by Bare, offering Probate if I was interested [and told me] the costs. Mum doesn’t have a huge estate, so I thought well, you know what? I was so happy with the cremation service, which was a good experience which could have potentially been a bad experience, why wouldn’t I go through Bare? I’m going to save a lot of money, but most importantly, because it’s predominantly a web-based platform, everything is so efficient.”

Trish found the process to be really simple and efficient. “The paralegal called me that same day and booked me in for an appointment with Yaya. So we did that via an online [video call].” Trish is still working through the estate with the Bare Law team and overall has been a great experience. 

To learn more about Bare cremation services or to get a quote for a funeral or memorial, please head here or give our award-winning customer care team a call on 1800 071 176. Alternatively, if you require legal advice for a loved one’s estate, learn more about Bare Law Estate Services here or call 1800 959 371.