Losing someone we love is a profoundly personal and emotional journey. Whilst navigating our own grief, there are also practical matters to attend to, such as informing others about the funeral or memorial service. 

An invitation not only provides the necessary details like date, time, and location, but it can also become a cherished keepsake. Finding the right words can be challenging, especially when we are overwhelmed with sorrow. To help make this process a little easier and more meaningful, here are some tips and examples of how to word the invitation.

1. Start with the basics. 

The invitation should start by clearly stating whose funeral service it is. Use the full name of the deceased, including any nicknames they were commonly known by. After that, include important information such as the date, time, and location.

  • Full name of the deceased: It’s common to include any nicknames or titles, ensuring everyone knows who is being remembered.
  • Date, time, and location: Clearly state the details of the service. For venues that might be tricky to locate, consider adding a small map or directions.
  • RSVP details: Depending on the venue size and expected turnout, you might want to ask people to confirm their attendance.
  • Special requests: This might include attire (e.g., "black tie" or "casual"), or a request for attendees to bring memories to share.

Examples to use for the invitation:

"The family of [Name] wishes to extend an invitation to those who knew and loved her/him to a memorial service on [Date] at [Time], [Venue Address]."

"In remembrance of the beautiful life of [Name], we warmly invite you to share in a celebration of his/her journey on [Date] at [Time], [Venue Address]."

"As we bid farewell to our beloved [Name], we welcome you to join us in paying tribute to a life well-lived on [Date] at [Time], [Venue Address]."

2. Select the appropriate tone. 

The tone of the invitation should reflect the lifestyle and preferences of the deceased. Certain families may prefer a formal tone, while others might opt for a more relaxed tone, particularly if it resonates with the personality of the departed.

Types of tone you can implement:

  • Formal:

"The family of [Deceased Name] humbly invites you to attend the memorial gathering..."

"We request the honour of your presence as we bid farewell to..."

  • Casual:

"Come share stories and memories as we remember the wonderful life of..."

"Let's get together to honour [Deceased Name]'s amazing journey."

  • Spiritual:

"Blessed be the memory of [Deceased Name]. Please join us for a spiritual tribute..."

"In the embrace of God's love, we invite you to remember and celebrate..."

3. Add a personal touch. 

Including a personal touch can add more meaning and significance to the invitation. You can include a favourite quote or saying of the deceased, a short biography highlighting their achievements and passions, or personal anecdotes that capture their spirit. 

For a funeral or memorial invitation that will be remembered, you can also take into account the following suggestions for personalisation and design:

  • Photographs: Include a beloved photo of the person who has passed away. It could be a candid shot or a formal portrait, capturing their true essence and the memories that were shared. 
  • Artwork & colours: Incorporate artwork or use colours that held significance to the deceased. These small details can make the invitation feel more personal and meaningful, reflecting their individual personality and life.

4. Express gratitude. 

In times of sorrow, the support of our loved ones becomes our guiding light. It is crucial to acknowledge and express gratitude to those who stand by our side. If you are seeking to convey your appreciation, you may consider using the following phrases:

  • "Your presence would mean the world to us."
  • "We truly appreciate your support and love during this difficult time."
  • "Your kindness and compassion during this period bring comfort to our family.

5. Send the invitations. 

When sending out the invitations, it is important to do so promptly to give the guests ample time to make arrangements to attend. One option to consider is sending them electronically, as this will allow you to reach a wider audience more quickly.

Other examples of a simple funeral/memorial service invitation:

Traditional and heartfelt:

"With heavy hearts, we invite you to join us in paying tribute to [Name]'s remarkable journey. Your presence will be a comforting reminder of the love and memories we shared."

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]

Venue: [Address]


"[Name]'s life was a tapestry of moments, both significant and subtle. Please join us as we reflect on those moments and remember the individual threads that made up the wonderful person we knew and loved."

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]

Location: [Address]


"Just as a leaf falls from a tree, we too must say goodbye. But the tree remains, strong in its roots, much like our memories of [Name]. Join us as we celebrate their lasting impact on our lives."

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]

Venue: [Address]

Musical touch:

"[Name]'s life was a melody, a song of love, joy, and challenges. As we gather to honour them, may we find harmony in our shared memories."

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]

Location: [Address]


"[Name] left behind more than memories; they left a legacy of love, laughter, and life lessons. Let's come together to celebrate the indelible mark they left on each of us."

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]

Venue: [Address]

Modern & uplifting:

"While our hearts are heavy, let's lift each other up with stories, laughter, and memories of [Name]. Their spirit lives on in each of us, and together, we'll keep their memory shining bright."

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]

Location: [Address]

Final thoughts on funeral invitations.

Grief is a process, and funeral services are significant in this process. Creating an invitation that accurately reflects your loved one not only gives information but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to their memory. Keep in mind that the sentiment is what matters, so select words that resonate with you.

At Bare, we can help in creating a beautiful funeral that honours the life of your loved one. Our goal is to relieve you of the burden of planning, so you can focus on remembering and cherishing their memory.  Give us a call on 1800 071 176 or head to this link to learn more about our funeral services.