A bare cremation - which is also known as a direct cremation or simple cremation - is a simple and affordable funeral option without an attended funeral home ceremony. A bare cremation provides all of the fundamental components of a cremation service, without the cost of paying for things that aren't needed, like flowers, chapel hire, or fancy catering.

The cremation takes place as soon as possible, then the ashes are delivered to the family or next of kin in a basic urn or container.

Bare offers a simple and affordable cremation option without compromising on the level of service. We focus on providing a dignified cremation service while providing customers with a high level of dedication and compassion.

If you need an imminent cremation for a loved one, please give us a call any time on 1800 071 176 or head here to start the process online.

Is a direct cremation common?

Cremation has become Australia's most popular funeral option, now accounting for around 70% of all funerals nationally. As Australians are becoming less traditional, they are increasingly choosing direct cremation for their loved ones to allow for a non-traditional memorial service. Direct cremation is increasingly becoming more common in Australia, with the rise in people wanting family-led, personalised memorial services for their loved ones.

The rise in popularity can also be attributed to the following:


Basic funeral cremation packages are typically between 3-5 times more expensive than a Bare Cremation. Funeral homes will charge significant service fees, along with charging marked up prices for flowers, caskets and other accompaniments.


More people are choosing to have a memorial ceremony that celebrates their life in a personalised way. Bare Cremation offers families the ability to choose what they would like to do with their loved one’s ashes.

Ease of arrangement

Bare Cremations can be coordinated in under five minutes either online or via the phone. Rather than spending long periods with a funeral director, and spending thousands on things they don't want in a funeral service, families and loved ones can focus on grieving.


Without the pressure of arranging a formal attended funeral service, a bare cremation allows time for the deceased person's family and friends to think about how best to celebrate their loved one's life. A direct cremation provides all of the fundamental cremation services in a timely fashion, without being forced into coordinating a memorial on a in a short period of time.

Non-traditional becoming the norm

The Australian demographic has changed over the years. More Australians today prefer non-religious funeral ceremonies.


The environmental impacts of burials are a major consideration. People are also looking for environmentally-friendly funeral ceremonies, which use some or all of the ashes.

How does a Bare cremation work?

When the time comes, here is how to arrange a simple cremation with Bare:

  1. Call our customer care team on 1800 071 176. We are available 24-hours a day.
  2. Your dedicated arranger confirms the collection address and other details.
  3. The deceased person is transported into our care, in a climate-controlled environment.
  4. We file the paperwork, including the death certificate registration with Birth, Deaths and Marriages.
  5. The bare cremation takes place.
  6. Ashes are placed in a simple urn and delivered to the next of kin, either by hand (where possible) or by registered mail.
  7. The death certificate is mailed to the next of kin or family.

It typically takes around two weeks for the ashes to be delivered. However, it can vary depending on how quickly documentation is returned from the family, along with appropriate clearances from institutions (hospitals, coroners etc.). Delivery or return of ashes can also impact the timing depending on the method of return that is selected.

bare cremation
A Bare Cremation allows freedom to celebrate a loved one's life in a more personalised way.

How much is a bare cremation?

A bare cremation (also known as a direct cremation or No Service, No Attendance cremation) is the most affordable funeral option, because is it an unattended funeral service.

Prices will vary between funeral homes and depending on the region, however you can expect to pay around $2,000-$3,000.

As all funeral homes have different service charges and offerings, ensuring you are comparing the same service is important. In checking pricing, you’ll want to confirm the price includes:

  • Collection of your loved one and transportation
  • Filing of all relevant paperwork
  • A coffin
  • The cremation fee
  • A container or urn to return the ashes
  • Return delivery of the ashes (many funeral homes require pick-up from their location)
  • Additional fees for collecting from a private residence or after hours
  • Additional fees for exceeding weight limits

At Bare, we don't charge additional fees for exceeding weight limits, after hours pick up and we endevour to deliver the ashes back to you when we can.

We hope this article has provided you a better understanding of direct cremations and the service Bare provides. For more information, read our article Bare cremation vs traditional cremation here.

Let us help you say goodbye on your terms, by providing a high-quality cremation service at an affordable price. To arrange a bare cremation, call 1800 202 901 for a prepaid arrangement, or 1800 071 176 for an immediate need arrangement.