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Direct cremations have become increasingly popular in Australia, partially due to lockdowns from COVID-19, partially due to affordability, and also because more and more people want the freedom and flexibility to plan a memorial or celebration-of-life ceremony at a later date.

This article answers the frequently asked questions about direct cremation, including what it is, the costs, benefits and how to arrange. 

We also list the advantages of a non-attended funeral. This article aims to help Australians make a more informed choice about how they celebrate a loved one.

A direct cremation is a non-attended cremation without a formal funeral.
A direct cremation is a non-attended cremation without a formal funeral.

1. What is a direct cremation?

A direct cremation, also known as a Bare Cremation, is a non-attended cremation without an accompanying formal funeral ceremony. The no-frills, more affordable cremation doesn’t require a funeral director to be involved in a service.

The service happens without a viewing and allows families to create a personalised memorial service or celebration of life after the cremation takes place.

At Bare, our direct cremation service includes communication with an experienced funeral arranger, a private, dignified cremation, return of ashes and death certificate, all without compromising on quality service and care. 

2. How much does a direct cremation cost?

Traditional cremations are typically co-ordinated by a funeral home. The average price of a traditional cremation in Australia is around $6,000, according to Gathered Here in 2022. In comparison, the national average price of an unattended cremation with Bare Cremation is around $2,850.* (Prices may vary between locations.)

A direct cremation offers a more straightforward and cost-effective alternative to traditional funerals. Depending on the provider, the service generally provides the basic fundamentals of cremation including:

  • Transportation and logistics;
  • Private cremation;
  • Death certificate, death registration and other paperwork; and
  • Return of ashes to the family or Next of Kin.

3. What are the benefits of direct cremation?

Aside from being an affordable funeral option, another benefit of a direct cremation is the freedom and flexibility to take the time to consider a fitting farewell for your loved one. Funeral homes typically operate on a strict schedule, which has benefits for some families. However, as people have different preferences, others can feel rushed through the process. 

A Bare Cremation offers flexibility, as you have the option to have a funeral or memorial service in a span of a few days, at a time where families and friends are usually overcome with immense grief. Once your loved one has been cremated, you can take your time to plan a more personal memorial service without the pressure or restrictions of a funeral home’s schedule.

It is also important to mention that choosing a direct cremation does not mean you cannot have a traditional farewell. Families can still decide to have a more traditional service or ceremony where the coffin is present before the cremation takes place. Essentially, cremation offers flexibility in how you want to honour a loved one, whether that is through a memorial, a traditional farewell, or a combination of both.

4. How do I arrange a direct cremation?

You can arrange an unattended cremation with Bare in just minutes, either online or over the phone.

To get a quote for an at-need or imminent cremation, visit the link here or call 1800 071 176.

If this sounds like something you would want for yourself when the time comes, there is even the option of pre-paying in advance. This will save the stress on your family and friends later on.

Pre-paid cremations are growing in popularity, largely because they allow you to lock in the price of the service at today’s cost, irrespective of when it is actually required. As the cremation is fully paid, you can rest assured that your family won’t be financially burdened by the cost of the funeral, nor will they feel the pressure to arrange an extravagant and costly funeral service.

To get a quote for a pre-paid cremation, visit Bare Prepaid Services here or call 1800 202 901.

5. How do I plan a memorial afterwards?

The options are endless when it comes to planning a memorial after a direct cremation. Our ultimate guide to planning a memorial takes you through the process and offers some ideas.

With the money saved, family and friends have the flexibility and budget to farewell their loved one in a way that truly celebrates their unique life.

It could be a meal at their favourite restaurant, or a backyard BBQ. You might instead plan a gathering at your loved one’s favourite place in nature – like the beach, a park, or a special hiking spot.

You might like to make an ashes-scattering ceremony part of the memorial, too. At Bare, we’ve seen families get together for sunset ashes-scattering ceremonies at picturesque places like the mountains, at sea or by lakeside. Our article on memorials with ashes has more ideas.

We’ve also included some music suggestions in this article on songs you might like to include in your loved one’s memorial service. And below is a Spotify playlist we’ve put together.

At Bare we don’t believe there is a single way to say goodbye to a loved one. There’s also the option of adding a funeral or memorial service to a Bare Cremation. That’s where our celebrants can help arrange and conduct a service separately from the cremation. We would be honoured to support you in planning a befitting ceremony – whether that’s a more traditional funeral service with the coffin present, or a memorial without a coffin and takes place after a direct cremation.

Final thoughts on direct cremation.

We hope this article helps to provide a better idea of what a direct cremation is and how it differs from a traditional attended cremation service or funeral.

At Bare, we are passionate about giving Australians the choice when it comes to celebrating a loved one’s life in the way they lived it. Aside from Bare Cremation, we also offer Bare Funerals that are flexible to ensure you say your farewell in the way that’s right for you and your loved one. If you’re unsure about what’s right for you and your family, our team is only ever a phone call away.

To arrange an at-need or imminent cremation or a Bare Funeral call 1800 071 176, or for a prepaid cremation call 1800 202 901. To learn more about Bare Cremation or to get a quote, click the below button.

*This is the national average price of a Bare at-need cremation, correct as of February 2024. Please note that prices vary depending on location and instalment frequency and are subject to increase over time. For an accurate quote and cost breakdown for your location, please head here to get a quote for your area