Organising a prepaid cremation is a deeply personal decision, and is sometimes one that can take time to deliberate over to weigh up pros and cons. 

There are many common reasons to prepay for your own arrangement, such as financial and emotional stress on the family

If you’re in this current situation, it can be helpful to hear directly from customers about why they decided to prepay their cremation and chose Bare. Here are a few responses from our customers.

What our customers had to say about Bare Prepaid Cremation.


I had just paid $10,000 for a loved one. It was a great service and well deserved, I have no thoughts about it being otherwise. But I'm different, I want the no frills, pick me up, cremate me and send me on my way, plus the cost was in my budget. I'm so happy I have mine paid and my family don't have to worry, if they want a party, then it's on them. I'll just be watching from above.


I have seen so many funerals where people spend what they can't afford, standing in a paddock for 10 minutes, especially families. I don’t want that. When the cremation is done my family can pick where and when they want to gather for a memorial. They can have a drink on me before my ashes are scattered off a headland. 


I'm never going to be rich. So at least I've done something towards helping myself when I finally expire. And not to leave a burden to my children. Being able to pay it off over time was also a huge deciding factor.


The simplicity of doing it this way. Peace of mind knowing I will go out of this world the way I choose. A major part of my decision is taking the weight off my family and I want them to say any nice words they have to say to me before I die. They can choose when they say goodbye.


Because I believe it's my responsibility and not to be left for my kids to stress over, and they are both relieved I've got it organised.

I was relieved when my own parents organised theirs too. It's an awful time for loved ones after death, it's our responsibility to ensure we've taken care of our business to make it easier on them.


I used Bare for my husband in 2020 and was very impressed by the compassion, ease, low cost and efficiency shown to me. I prepaid my own in 2021 so that my children won’t be burdened with unnecessary cost and heartache upon my passing.


I don't want my family to be left with a very expensive funeral or feeling bad about not being able to visit our graves. Cremation will enable them to spread our ashes somewhere we choose and will leave them with good memories.


I used Bare for my darling just over 12 months ago. They appealed to us because of the cost, no frills way of getting things done.

But I stayed because of the care, the compassion, the common-sense, the amazing skills of ALL the staff. They went the extra mile for us. They put me in touch with all the right people. They were better than family. I cannot say enough about them.


Because my mum has dementia. The final years are sad enough so for her to have a sad, traditional chapel funeral as her final send off is an appalling way to memorialise a woman who was a fun, vibrant individual when she was well. She also hated spending money on unnecessary things. Hence the budget will go to champagne.


I didn’t want to leave my only daughter with a huge bill. Not only that, my daughter said that she would rather not have a funeral for me. She will have a celebration of my life with her friends and any family that are still here.


Mainly because my parents and in-laws' graves are so far away to tend and we don’t get to visit. I don’t want that for my kids. Prepaid means there’s no burden. 


I chose to organise my Bare prepaid so that I could get on with “living”.


Funerals bring the good and the bad out of the woodwork. The emotional factor is so overwhelming, it's so hard to cope with it. I don't want my family to go through that. Just tell the folks at Bare to pick me up and do what they do. Then carry on as normal. If they want, have a wee BBQ and a few drinkypoos and remember the laughs we had and play some of my music. I don't want my children and grandchildren to cry around a coffin, because I'm not there, I'll be tucked up in their hearts, right where I belong. 


I had to pay $10,000 each for both my parents' funerals. I like the no fuss of Bare and paying it off is so helpful.

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