It can be difficult to keep track of all our important documents and passwords. Where are they saved? If I needed them in a rush, would I be able to find them?

Keeping all your important documents, files, passwords and any other information in one safe place is not only key for staying organised, but if you pass away, it’s easy for your next of kin to access everything in one place.

This is why we’ve created the Bare Digital Vault.

What is the Bare Digital Vault?

Bare's Digital Vault is your digital safety deposit box - the place to store the documents, information and passwords that you need to handover to the next generation. Simple to use, with military grade security, our Vault is the only way to ensure your most important information is kept safe.

It’s a secure place to store your digital life. 

  • Upload important files like your will and title deeds.
  • Securely store login details for all your online services.
  • Save information about pets, your home, your car and more.
  • You choose who to share access with and when.

How does the Digital Vault work?

  1. Create your Vault. Create a Vault account with a dedicated password and add your phone number for account verification purposes.
  2. Add your data. Use the suggested list to get started or add documents, photos and account details whenever you like.
  3. Add your people. Nominate your trusted people like next of kin or executors who you’d like have access to your vault either now or on your passing.
  4. Your data is shared. Once your death is verified your information is shared with your nominated people.

Transforming End of Life.

The Digital Vault is part of Bare’s revolutionary End of Life Platform. Now you have one place for all your end of life needs, including prepaid funerals, Wills, final wishes and now your Digital Vault. 

This means you and your family are prepared for the inevitable - as much as we don’t like to think about it, death is a guarantee and it is empowering to be prepared.

Military-grade security.

And if you’re concerned about your data being safe, there’s no need to worry. We've partnered with The Prepared Company, who use military-grade security to safely store and encrypt all data stored in the Digital Vault. It's encrypted 2 times before it hits the vault database, and then encrypted again, so we can’t see anything.

So what are you waiting for? Create a Vault account today and start uploading your important documents to keep them in one place.