When we say goodbye to someone we care about, where we do it matters a lot. Whether it's in old familiar places, peaceful outdoor spots, or even online memorials, there are many special ways to remember them. From timeless traditional settings to serene natural landscapes, and even the embrace of technology in virtual memorials, the options are diverse. 

This guide looks at the most popular places for funeral or memorial services, helping families and friends find the best spot to honour their loved ones. It’s important to note that some venues are better suited for more traditional funerals, while some may be better suited to a memorial service taking place after cremation: our friendly team are only ever a phone call away if you wish to discuss what will suit your family best.

The timeless appeal of traditional locations.

Finding comfort in the familiar becomes important, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Even as times change and modernity takes over, there remains a powerful draw towards traditional locations for funeral or memorial services. 


For generations, churches have stood as pillars for funeral services. Their tall ceilings and colourful stained glass windows create a sense of calm and spirituality. Some of Bare’s partner venues you can select from to hold a lovely funeral service are Burleigh Heads Uniting Church in Queensland, St James Croydon in New South Wales, and St Catherine's Anglican Church in Victoria.


Cemeteries have peaceful surroundings allowing reflection and remembrance, making them a serene location for honouring loved ones. Among the venues frequently chosen for Bare Funeral services, cemetery chapels stand out as the most popular. 

Prominent examples include Bunurong Memorial Park in Victoria, Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery in Queensland, and Pinegrove Memorial Park in New South Wales. These chapels are specifically designed to host heartfelt services. 

An added advantage is the complimentary live streaming that is usually offered in these types of venues, which allows guests to watch from anywhere in the world in real-time. For post-service gatherings, catering can be organised at the venue itself, or families have the flexibility to move elsewhere for their wake.

Popular contemporary venues.

The essence of funeral services, particularly a memorial which is held after the cremation, is not just to mourn the loss but also to celebrate a life lived. Modern choices like pubs, restaurants, and sports clubs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a more relaxed and personalised setting for commemorating a loved one.


Rich with communal spirit and camaraderie, pubs have long been places of gatherings, laughter, and shared memories. Holding memorial services in pubs allows for an informal setting, where stories can be shared over a pint, music can be played, and the environment feels more like a gathering of friends and family. It offers an ambiance that is both familiar and comforting, and for many, it mirrors the personality of the one they're remembering. 

Some of Bare’s partner venues are JD’s Bar and Grill in New South Wales, Fairfield Boathouse & Tea Gardens and The Cheeky Squire, both in Victoria, and The Northshore Tavern in Western Australia.


Restaurants, with their diverse culinary offerings and cosy interiors, can become a place where loved ones gather to share a meal in honour of the departed. A favourite dish or a particular cuisine can reignite memories, conversations, and shared moments. It's a more intimate setting where the emphasis is on togetherness and the pleasures of life, resonating with the idea of celebrating life's moments. Some popular partner venues include Four Larks Cafe in Victoria, or The Park Restaurant in South Australia.

Sports clubs. 

For those who had a passion for sports or were members of clubs, hosting a service at a sports club is a fitting tribute. The wide-open spaces, the sight of a beloved game, or even the club's lounge can provide a meaningful context for the service. Attendees can share anecdotes from games, discuss memorable moments, or even organise a friendly match in the name of the deceased loved one. It's an active and vibrant way of remembering someone who loved the game. 

You can hold a lovely funeral service in one of Bare’s partner venues such as Toongabbie Sports Club in New South Wales, Box Hill Golf Club in Victoria, or Melville Bowls Club in Western Australia.

Pubs, restaurants, and sports clubs have been chosen by several families as venues for Bare Funerals. These locations conveniently accommodate both the memorial and wake, choosing such non-traditional venues reflects a shift towards personalisation in memorial services, focusing on the individual's tastes, hobbies, and passions. They provide an opportunity for the service to become a direct reflection of the person's life. 

Surf clubs.

The tranquil atmosphere of surf clubs by the coastline offers a peaceful backdrop to remember and honour. Often, families who choose this setting do so with the intention of ashes scattering in mind after the ceremony. Some of our partner surf clubs include Maroochy Surf Club, Sunshine Beach Surf Club or Burleigh Heads Surf Club, all in Queensland.


Holding a funeral or memorial in one's own home provides an unmatched level of intimacy. It's where cherished memories reside, making the tribute deeply personal. In recognition of this sentiment, we will adjust the cost of the Bare Funeral package, ensuring that families can honour their loved ones in a space that feels most comfortable and suitable for their budget.

Hotels and RSL’s. 

Hotels and RSLs offer spacious, well-equipped environments suited for larger gatherings. Their professional setting, coupled with the availability of private rooms, ensures that the service remains a personal affair, even with a larger guest list. These venues also often provide amenities and catering options that can ease the logistics of planning. You can choose from a wide range of our partner venues including The Campbell Hotel in New South Wales, Tradewinds Hotel in Western Australia, or Imperial Hotel in Victoria.

Final thoughts on popular venues for funeral or memorial services.

Cemetery chapels undoubtedly have an important role in funeral traditions, and many people like them due to their solemnity and structure. However, it is natural for feelings and memories to be intensely personal and different. For some, these places can create reminders of death or bring up memories of previous funerals. Commemorating a loved one in a more casual and familiar location, like a pub, can be a more comforting choice, as one of our Bare staff members shared. It shifts the narrative from mourning a loss in a cemetery to celebrating a life in a place filled with warmth and beloved memories. 

While our website lists recommended venues, families are not limited to these options. If there's a local venue you're considering, it should ideally have reasonable pricing, a private room to accommodate attendees, and facilities for displaying photos or music. Our friendly Bare Funeral team can get in touch with your preferred venue to discuss their suitability for a Bare Funeral.

Head here for a full list of funeral venues.

We can tailor a funeral service to you and your loved one's needs, whether that is a more traditional service, or a more relaxed celebration of life.

It can be hard to know where to begin without the guidance of a celebrant or funeral arranger. The good news is that arrangers are available to help you plan and organise a fitting funeral service. 

At Bare, we offer the option to hold a funeral service before the cremation, allowing you the opportunity to spend time with your loved one before the cremation takes place. Additionally, we can assist in organising a memorial service that can be held in the weeks, months, or even years following the passing of your loved one. Our dedicated funeral directors will guide you through the entire process, from choosing a venue to selecting the right flowers and much more. 

If you’re interested in a Bare Funeral Service, click here to learn more or give our friendly customer service team a call on 1800 071 176. We’re always here for you.