Saying goodbye is personal. Do it your way.

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Flexible farewells, for every family.

Easier is saying goodbye when, where, and how you want with a Bare Funeral. No matter the style of farewell, our service is the same - simple, transparent and designed to do right by you and your loved one.

How it works

We make goodbye easier with simple and transparent funeral planning. We treat your loved ones as if they were our own and keep you informed every step of the way.

We will collect
your loved one.

We’ll transfer your loved one into our care, and care for them as if they were our own until the day of the funeral service.

Speak with your Bare
funeral director.

You’ll speak with your funeral director over the phone or online, who’ll take your instructions, and provide recommendations for the funeral service.

On the day of the funeral.

Bare will handle everything on the day of the service, ensuring we say the farewell that’s right for you and your loved one.

We’ll arrange the cremation.

We’ll arrange a respectful, unattended cremation. This may take place before or after the service depending on whether you’d like your loved one’s coffin present at the funeral.

An affordable farewell in Campbelltown.
Everything you need, nothing you don't.

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Bare Funeral Service

A complete funeral service. You may have the service prior to cremation with your loved one's coffin present, or without the coffin present after the cremation (often referred to as a memorial service).
Service type preferred
A service with your loved one’s coffin present will take place prior to cremation. A service without your loved one’s coffin - also known as a memorial - can take place after cremation. Speak to our team if you’re unsure which service might be best for your loved one.
inc. GST
At present, Bare offers direct cremation only in this postcode. Call us for pricing if you wish to hold the funeral in your closet city
Cremation Service
  • Everything in a Bare Cremation. This includes a simple, unattended cremation, return of ashes and Death Certificate.
Bare Funeral Service
  • Bare Partner Venue
  • Professional Funeral Celebrant
  • Curated Slideshow and AV Equipment
  • Selection of Flowers
  • Stationery & Service Booklets
  • Dedicated Event Manager
  • na
    Bare Funeral Coffin
  • na
    Optional: Viewing at Ceremony
    Viewing requires the selection of a service with your loved one’s coffin present.
Optional Extras
  • na
  • na
    Presence of a hearse requires the selection of a service with your loved one’s coffin present.
  • na
    Premium Coffin
    Select a service with your loved one’s coffin present to view this optional extra.
  • $
    Live Streaming
    Live streaming and recording is a lovely way to include those who cannot attend in person. For some venues this inclusion is complimentary, for others it may come at an additional cost. Please speak to your Bare Arranger for more information.
  • $
    If you would like your service catered, we can arrange that for you and your guests. Chat to your Bare Arranger after receiving your quote to discuss.

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Frequently asked questions.

Can you dress my loved one before the Funeral?

Yes, most definitely.  Your loved one will be bathed and dressed by the mortuary staff. Your arranger will speak to you about providing suitable clothing for your loved one and we will organise to gather that from you, or the clothing can be given to our staff when we come to bring your person into our care.

How soon can I plan a funeral?

The date a funeral can take place will depend on many factors, including the location of your loved one and completion of paperwork. There are also many things that need to be planned and put into place. We suggest that at least 7 days is necessary to allow you time to process matters, make decisions and planning to take place. Your funeral date will need to be settled in conjunction with your funeral arranger, but our advice is to not rush and to give yourself the much needed time to prepare for the day fully.

What is the difference between a memorial and a funeral?

A funeral is a service celebrating your loved one’s life that has the coffin present at the service.  It therefore takes place before the cremation and at a venue suitable for the presence of a coffin.  

A memorial service in comparison does not have the coffin present at the service.  Because of this the service can take place at a wider variety of venues and at any time, before or after the cremation.  Many families choose to wait till their loved ones ashes are returned home and have the ashes present at the service.

Both types of services are able to be offered within a Bare Funeral package. Speak to our arrangers to understand which type of service may be best for you and your family. If you wish to receive a free quote online, you will see this option presented as a funeral with a coffin present, or a funeral without a coffin present - this second option is what is also known as a memorial.

Can I choose a different coffin from what’s in your package?

Yes you can.  The coffins we offer in the package come into the pricing of our package.  We can show you a wider selection of coffins and if you wish a different coffin we can organise that for you.  The cost difference will then simply be added on to your invoice. 

Are their any hidden or additional fees in a Bare Funeral price?

There are no hidden fees. The advertised base package price is the final price, unless you’d like to add additional items or extras - for example a hearse as part of a Bare Funeral. 

Any additional costs will be quoted for you prior to booking so you can maintain control over what you spend. 

Can we have an open coffin/viewing?

Yes, absolutely.  If you'd like to have a viewing, we can arrange for this to happen at the chapel or crematorium prior to the funeral service. To enable this you’ll need to ensure you choose a Bare Funeral where you plan to have your loved one’s coffin present, and which takes place prior to cremation.

What happens after the funeral service?

After the funeral service, your loved one is taken to our partnered crematorium - where they are privately cremated in their state of the art facility. The cremation is dignified and full of care.

What is a Cremation + Funeral Package?

This package includes both the cremation service and a simple, elegant funeral or memorial service at one of our partner venues.

Led by one of our professional celebrants, the service is held at your venue of choice, and includes a beautiful flower arrangement, order of service booklets and a memorial book. We also coordinate a photographic slideshow tribute and music to remember your loved one - all curated in a way that best celebrates the life that was lived.

You’ll have the choice for the funeral to take place prior to cremation, with the coffin present. You may also choose to hold the service following the cremation - also referred to as a memorial.

Saying goodbye is hard. A Bare Funeral makes it just that little bit easier.

Flexible to suit
your needs.

We know that a farewell isn’t one size fits all. Our arranger team will listen to what you’re after, to ensure the service it includes everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Human care, leveled up with our digital platform.

In addition to our caring team, you’ll have access to our unique digital platform to help you organise everything in one accessible place.

Service you can
count on.

The reason we get up each day is to help make hard times, just a little bit easier. Our team will manage everything, from start to finish, so you can focus on what matters.

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