The Australian funeral industry is under scrutiny for failing to be transparent with families about costs. As a result, when it comes to planning for the cost of a funeral, there is often a great level of uncertainty about how much money to account for.

In addition, each funeral provider has its own price structure, so it can be tricky to anticipate the average price of a funeral in your area. This article helps to explain the average cost of a funeral and the difference in pricing between a traditional and direct cremation. It will also provide some low-cost funeral options to help make estate planning a little easier.

How much do funerals cost in Western Australia?

The cost of a funeral in Western Australia can vary significantly depending on whether it’s for a cremation or burial, the type of service required, how it’s personalised, and the location. 

For example, traditional funerals often come with additional expenses including catering at a wake, flowers, newspaper advertising, a celebrant’s fee and funeral director’s service fees, which can quickly add up. In contrast, an unattended cremation generally costs thousands of dollars less.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Western Australia?

The average cost of a cremation in Western Australia depends on the type of cremation service, as prices vary between them.

What is the average cost of a traditional cremation?

A traditional cremation includes some kind of memorial or service, either before the cremation with the body present, or after the cremation has occurred with the cremated remains present.

The average price of a traditional cremation with a service in Western Australia is around $6,526, according to Gathered Here. However, this cost can increase by thousands more depending on the personalisation of the ceremony and choice of coffin.

What is the average cost of a direct cremation?

A direct cremation (a non-attended cremation without a formal funeral service) is the most affordable funeral option. The average cost of a direct cremation in Western Australia is  $3,987 according to Gathered Here. 

Prices remain lower than a traditional cremation or burial service because there is often no need for a chapel, celebrant, flowers, or other additions to the funeral service. Families will often hold their own celebration of life after the direct cremation has taken place, to honour their loved one.

How much is a Bare cremation in Western Australia?

In contrast, the cost of an at-need direct cremation in certain areas of Western Australia with Bare is $3,499. Bare saves Australian families thousands by only providing the things they actually want in a funeral. See below for the areas Bare services.

  • WA Zone 1 - Greater Perth and surrounding suburbs: $3,499.
  • WA Zone 2 - South Perth, Mandurah, and surrounding suburbs: $3,499.

*Prices correct as of February 2024.

Head here for a full breakdown of Perth costs and areas. Unfortunately we do not currently service wider Western Australia.

To take advantage of further savings, a Bare cremation can even be prepaid to avoid price increases over the years. A prepaid funeral also takes the future stress off your family later on.

At Bare, we're always here for you. If you're in need of a cremation, please give us a call on 1800 071 176 or head to the link below for an instant quote.