Hi, I'm Keryl Fedrick

Funeral Celebrant, NSW

Keryl is not your usual Civil Celebrant; she doesn’t wear black unless requested to do so. She believes each of our stories are unique, so in the end they should be told that way.

When she is called to support a grieving family, the atmosphere at first is grim. However, helping them focus on the deceased person and sharing heartfelt stories of their life releases fond memories. By the time Keryl leaves, there is joy and a united purpose to the planned ceremony.

Keryl advocates a natural service, that is, one that is symbiotic with healing for those left behind. Intuitively, she discovers what is indeed and important for a wonderful and purposeful celebration of the deceased - their life, beliefs and their reality.

In a natural service, amazing and extraordinary occurrences happen when a ceremony is conducted in a place that held meaning for the deceased. Some of the most beautiful and spiritual ceremonies Keryl has performed have been in the deceased person’s backyard, where they felt most at home. It therefore makes sense to hold a service where a person was most at peace and to allow ourselves to be in that space and feel them more intimately surrounded by what they loved.

Keryl is studying End of Life Therapy, Grief and Bereavement Counselling, and writing end-of-life tools to assist others in their planning.

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