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Award winning service.

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We do direct cremations better than anyone.

Bare has built a reputation as Australia's leading direct cremation provider. In Belconnen, our direct cremation service (often known as a Bare Cremation) costs $2,599 and includes:

  • Collection from place of passing & transfer of your loved one into care (24/7) by Personal Services Australia
  • Private cremation at Macarthur Grange Crematorium
  • Paperwork, registrations and Death Certificate
  • Return of ashes to the family (hand delivery in most metro suburbs)

Throughout, you'll be carefully supported by one of our experienced funeral arrangers, entirely dedicated to make this experience just a little easier.

How it works

Our direct cremation process is straightforward and transparent.  We'll treat your loved one as if they were our own, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Contact us 24/7.

Whether your loved one has passed or not, contact us and we'll get the process started.

We’ll collect
your loved one.

We arrange collection of your loved one from their place of passing and transport them to one of our trusted crematorium partners.

We’ll arrange
the cremation.

We arrange a respectful, unattended, and dignified cremation, register the death, and order the death certificate.

We’ll return the
ashes to your family.

After the cremation, we'll return the ashes to your family, or have them scattered on your behalf.
We'll arrange for ashes collection from Karrakatta Cemetery at a time that suits you, or have them scattered on your behalf.
We'll arrange for ashes collection from Karrakatta Cemetery at a time that suits you.

A fixed-fee Bare Cremation.
No hidden fees, no surprises.

Unlike many funeral homes, the price you see is the price you get.  No out-of-hours fees, no hidden transport costs, 
just great service at a fair price.

Pricing for
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Bare Cremation

inc. GST

A Bare Cremation is a simple, unattended cremation and return of ashes service. Our price is all inclusive - there are no hidden fees, ever.

Payment is not required upfront.

Cremation Service:
  • Experienced Funeral Director
    You'll have a dedicated funeral arranger to support you through the cremation process,  keeping you constantly informed along the way.
  • Transfer & Care
    At the time of passing, we'll transfer your loved one into our care.  This service is 24/7, with no out of hours fees.
  • Death Certificate
    We'll take care of the legal paperwork, and register the death with Births, Deaths and Marriages - arranging for the Death Certificate to be delivered promptly.
  • Simple Cardboard or MDF Coffin
    Your loved one will be placed in a simple cardboard or MDF coffin.
  • A simple, private cremation
    We'll perform a simple, non-attended cremation at one of our accredited crematorium partners.
  • Return of Ashes
    We'll return the ashes as directed by you.  Hand delivery is available in most metro suburbs.

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Frequently asked questions.

Is the advertised price of a Bare Cremation the final price?

Yes - the advertised price of a cremation with Bare is the final price.  We're aware that the funeral industry has a reputation for hidden fees and charges. With a Bare Cremation, the price you see is the price you pay.  We don't charge extra for weekend or overnight transfers, oversized coffins, pacemaker removal - or anything else.  To get a price for your location, simply hit the "Instant Quote" button and know that the price you'll see is the price you'll pay. 

Do I have to pay upfront?

No, you don't have to pay upfront.   We know that paying for a funeral can be daunting, particularly when there's more important things to worry about, so with Bare we don't ask for payment upfront.  If you have any questions about this, please give our care team a call on 1800 071 176. 

How do I know you’re reputable?

Bare is one of the largest independent funeral directors in Australia, performing more than 7,000 funerals annually.  Bare and our partners are registered or licensed as per each state’s local guidelines and regulations for Funeral Directors. We're ISO certified, have more than 2,000 5 Star Reviews, and have featured in a number of media stories for the difference we're making in the industry. 

How are the ashes returned?

This will vary with each state, so please check with your arranger on the specific options available to you. In the majority of metropolitan areas we can hand deliver the ashes at a day and time that is convenient for you. We can also mail the ashes or you can collect from the crematorium directly.  Please note we require a signature for all return of ashes to ensure they are successfully delivered.

What paperwork do you need to perform the service?

The paperwork requirements vary by state. We will provide you with all documentation that needs to be filled and, where helpful, guide you through it's completion. We also give you the ability to complete these documents online, so you don’t need to find a printer, and can start, stop and resume at your own pace. The documents are used for authorisation to cremate, transferring a person into our care from an institution (such as a hospital), and personal details for the registration of the passing.   

How long does it take for collection to happen?

The timing of collection depends on where the passing occurs. If your loved one has passed away at home, we will aim to be there within 2 hours. If they passed away at an aged care facility or hospital, we will collect as soon as possible, pending the hospital or age care home availability. If your loved one is taken to the Coroner, we will collect after the Coroner enquiry has been completed, which can take more than a week.   

When and how do I receive a death certificate?

From the time of cremation, we typically advise a wait time of 3 weeks. At times it can take longer if there is a delay in processing by the state authority. If there is a long delay, we will actively follow up on your behalf. 

Can I choose to not have the ashes returned?

You may request to not have the ashes returned after the cremation. If that is your wish, we will require a signature as confirmation. We can then scatter or dispose of the ashes on your behalf. 

Are you able to collect anytime?

Yes we collect anytime day or night. Sometimes we will be dictated by the location of collection, for example certain hospitals will have dedicated collection times that we must adhere to. Needless to say, we will always collect as soon as possible – and there are never any out of hours hidden fees.  

Where is the deceased taken?

Once we collect your loved one, we take them into our care.  This is typically the mortuary of our service provider, where they will be cared for while we arrange for the cremation to take place.  Throughout their time with us, rest assured that your loved one will be treated as if they were our own. 

How long does the process take from collection to return of ashes?

We generally advise families that the timing from collection of your loved one to return of ashes is 3 weeks. However, it can vary depending on many factors and it is best to obtain guidance from your arranger.

How can I be certain I will get the correct ashes back?

We take this responsibility very seriously, and the process to ensure this happens is closely regulated. Your loved one is cremated individually. They, the coffin, and the ashes receptacle are all labeled and checked and verified. Your loved one’s paperwork accompanies them throughout their care journey and is checked multiple times to ensure their identity is recorded correctly.

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