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Flexible farewells, for every family.

Easier is saying goodbye when, where, and how you want with a Bare Memorial. Whether your farewell is at a chapel, golf club or the local pub, our service is the same - simple, transparent and designed to do right by you and your loved one.

How it works

We make goodbye easier with simple and transparent memorial planning. We treat your loved ones as if they were our own and keep you informed every step of the way.

We will collect
your loved one.

We’ll transfer your loved one into our care, and care for them as if they were our own until the day of the memorial service.

We'll arrange the cremation.

We arrange a respectful, unattended, and dignified cremation, register the death, and order the death certificate.

We’ll return the
ashes to your family.

After the cremation, we'll return the ashes to your family, or have them scattered on your behalf.

We'll arrange the memorial.

Your memorial arranger will manage and conduct all elements of the memorial, at a time and place that suits you.

Affordable memorials in Cottesloe.
Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Bare Memorial

Best for families who want a less traditional funeral, without a coffin present. No hidden fees, payment never required upfront.
inc. GST
At present, Bare offers direct cremation only in this postcode. Call us for pricing if you wish to hold the funeral in your closet city.
Cremation Service
  • Everything in a Bare Cremation. This includes a simple, unattended cremation, return of ashes and Death Certificate.
Bare Memorial Service
  • Bare Partner Venue
    Choose a special place for the farewell from one of our partner venues, or if you already have somewhere in mind we can easily work with that.
  • Professional Funeral Celebrant
    A celebrant is the person entrusted with bringing the story of your loved one out in all its richness. All Bare Memorial packages include a celebrant to plan the service, as well as officiate the service on the day. Your Bare Arranger will recommend a celebrant based on an understanding of your family and your loved one.
  • Curated Slideshow and AV Equipment
    Photo presentations allow for the sharing of rich and intimate moments with everyone gathered at the memorial service. Accompanying music allows you to share your loved one's favourite songs. We recommend that families include a wide variety of photos of all stages of your loved one’s life.
  • Selection of Flowers
    Your choose of a selection of flowers is provided as part of your Bare Memorial package and can be a beautiful way to add a touch of colour to a service. You might also consider complimenting the flowers with a personal touch of your own; lots of families get creative when it comes to honouring their loved one, so feel welcome to add an array of photos, letters, books and other unique mementos that speak to your loved one’s story.
  • Stationary & Service Booklets
    Your Bare Arranger will work with you to ensure your stationary and service booklets are personalised and are a perfect reflection of your loved one.
  • Dedicated Event Manager
    Your dedicated local Bare Arranger will work with you every step of the way to plan the perfect farewell for you and your loved one.
Complimentary Inclusion
  • Bare Aftercare Support (RRP: $1,150)
    We believe that care should continue beyond the funeral. That’s why we provide a dedicated aftercare concierge to assist you with everything from closing bank accounts to accessing free grief support, for as long as you need. This support is included with all Bare services. To learn more, visit
Optional Extras
  • $
    You may wish to hold a viewing prior to your memorial service. Your Bare Arranger can help you understand this option.
  • $
    Live Streaming
    Live streaming and recording is a lovely way to include those who cannot attend in person. For some venues this inclusion is complimentary, for others it may come at an additional cost. Please speak to your Bare Arranger for more information.
  • $
    If you would like your service catered, we can arrange that for you and your guests. Chat to your Bare Arranger after receiving your quote to discuss.

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Looking for a traditional funeral or cremation only service?

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Frequently asked questions.

What's the difference between a Bare Cremation and a Bare Memorial?

A Bare Cremation (often called a direct cremation) is an alternative to a traditional funeral as it is a more simple and affordable option. It is a private or unattended cremation with no family or friends present during the process. This option allows families to create a personal memorial service anytime at a later date or whenever they are ready.

A Bare Memorial is best for families who want a less traditional funeral and a flexible option with no time constraints. For families who would like support arranging a ceremony, a Bare Memorial is perfect for you. A Bare Memorial includes everything in a Bare Cremation and a memorial service arranged by your arranger at a time and place that suits you. 

What venues do you offer for Bare Memorials?

We use a wide variety of venues to suit your individual wishes, whether it be a formal service to something more casual.. A Bare Memorial offers a wider variety of venue options as it doesn’t include a coffin which is commonly not accommodated in some venues. You choose your venue based on your wishes, be it a cemetery chapel, a function center, a sports club, community hall, or a restaurant or pub.

You may search our Bare venues; simply enter your postcode and preferred style of venue here:

Can we use our own venue?

If you already have a venue in mind, you can inform your arranger and we’ll liaise with the venue management to check the availability and cost.

What is the difference between a memorial and a funeral?

A funeral is a service celebrating your loved one’s life that has the coffin present at the service.  It therefore takes place before the cremation and at a venue suitable for the presence of a coffin.  

A memorial service in comparison does not have the coffin present at the service.  Because of this the service can take place at a wider variety of venues and at any time, before or after the cremation.  Many families choose to wait till their loved ones' ashes are returned home and have the ashes present at the service.

Bare offers both types of services and the choice will ultimately depend on the family’s preferences. Speak to our arrangers to understand which type of service may be best for you and your family. If you wish to receive a free quote online, you will see options available depending on your location. 

How soon can I plan a memorial?

As a memorial service does not have the coffin present it can take place at any time.  

We do request at least 7 days however to plan the memorial, as it required securing a venue, meeting with a celebrant and organising the many features of the day. If you wish to have the ashes of your loved one present at the memorial we would also need to have the memorial booked on a date that ensures their ashes are available to come back to the family.  

Giving yourself time and not feeling rushed is something we feel is quite important for you at a time like this.

What is the Photo Slideshow?

Photo presentations allow for the sharing of rich and intimate moments with everyone gathered at the funeral or memorial service. Accompanying music allows you to share your loved one's favourite songs. We recommend that families include a wide variety of photos of all stages of your loved one’s life.

​Your arranger will work with you to create a slideshow to be played at the service.  You'll need to provide us with the photos and select the music you'd like to be played. We recommend showing about 40 photos per song, and playing 1-2 songs. If you only have a few photos, this is fine. We can even show one still photo while a song is played, to allow your guests a time of reflection.

Can we use our own Celebrant?

We can certainly customise your Bare Funeral or Memorial package to include your own celebrant or member of the clergy. You will only pay for the service elements you need, so the cost of the celebrant will be deducted from your package.

What is a memorial service?

A memorial is similar to a traditional funeral service, it simply happens after the cremation. This gives you, and us, the time and the space to arrange a service that best reflects your loved one. Using beautifully presented ashes as the centrepiece of the event, like the coffin is for a traditional funeral, we’ll arrange a memorial service at one of our curated venues, led by one of our professional funeral celebrants, and it’ll include flowers, memorial stationery, slideshow and music - all curated in a way that best celebrates the life that was lived. 

You can see this option as Bare Memorial when you get a free quote online.

We offer the option to plan a memorial as part of a Bare Funeral - you may see this written as a Bare Funeral without your loved one's coffin present.

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