Hi, I'm Elizabeth Frost

Funeral Arranger

I come from a 10 year nursing background in mental health and palliative care - the latter being where I became really interested in working in the funeral industry. Coming across a listing for Bare felt really surreal - I had read books and articles with similar ethos overseas, but had never seen that represented in Australia, even though from my work I had seen a great need for it- I definitely felt a pull to apply for the job. I think in an industry that has been around for as long as funerals have, while some of the history is beautiful and should be respected, it's really easy to be stuck in the 'old way' of doing things - and I really love seeing those perceptions change and people realising they don't 'have' to do things the way they always did.

What motivates me to be a Bare funeral arranger?

I feel really lucky to be working in this space and being able to help families, friends and loved ones during this unique and harrowing time in their lives - I think how you are treated during that time has a big impact on how you process and grieve a passing. I know talking about death is still quite taboo in our society but from my experience I think being able to be there, speak candidly with someone and answer the questions maybe they didn't feel comfortable asking in the past can be really comforting and special - death is going to happen, there's no point in brushing it under the table!

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