Hi, I'm Isabelle McLeod-Hoskin

Funeral Arranger

I found my calling in funeral care in 2020 after the loss of my best friend, my Mum. Being able to be involved in her end-of-life care is something I will always hold in my heart.

Before Bare, I have loved the many roles my feet have been placed into; beginning as a funeral directors’ assistant, a Funeral Arranger/Conductor and then eventually Mortuary Operations Manager in my local funeral home, I have a hefty passion for family and community-led funerals; because of this, holistic and affordable death-care holds a large place in my heart.

I’m a painter, poet, guitar player and cat lover! I’ve often found that home is usually where the good stories and warm kettles live.

What motivates me to be a Bare funeral arranger?

It has been a privilege to be taught traditional techniques and skills, and although these are extremely treasured, I love being a part of the non-traditional death care shift. I strongly believe that no two funerals are the same – just like no two families (or budgets) are the same either. I love people and I love to take care of people even more; this I feel reflects into the passion and commitment I carry for each family I am lucky enough to walk with; they have shared their world with me, and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of that every day.

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