Hi, I'm Sarah Schoers

Funeral Arranger

Support is paramount in all aspects in life and no more than at the beginning and the end of life. If I am able to hold 'space' for families by taking care of things in the background which gives them time to breathe, this is the support I can give them.

It's a difficult time and I am here to make it easier for them. Besides the care of looking after their loved one, I am here to look after the family as well. It makes me grateful that I have the opportunity as a funeral director to do so.

What motivates me to be a Bare funeral arranger?

I am a nurturer by nature. I always need to be looking after family and pets. I am a mother blessed with a son and a daughter and I am also an Oma (grandmother). I like to travel but I'm also a major homebody as well that loves nothing more to be in my home. As the years go by I am slowing down and my usual adventurous self who would roller blade everyday and swim laps would rather sit back with a tea or coffee on the veranda.

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